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16-Unit Rental Complex

16-Unit Rental Complex

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Originally: De Luxe Hotel (1934: Hotel De Luxe; 1945: Allen Hotel)
Location: 410 - 412 S. Harbor Boulevard
1923: Brick Commercial

De Luxe Hotel

Constructed of un-reinforced masonry walls in 1923, this rectangular building was typical of many brick commercial structures of that era. The front façade has gold and tan wire-cut brick, framed in wide bands of cream-colored glazed brick. The second story features five identical double-hung windows, recessed in arched openings with projecting sills.

When first built, a 20-room hotel (De Luxe Hotel) was situated on the second story and the ground floor was leased to other commercial businesses. The name of the hotel was changed to Hotel De Luxe in 1934 and to the Allen Hotel in 1945. Most local people refer to this building as the Allen Hotel, because it retained that name for over 40 years, until closing in the 1980s.

In its early years, the hotel played a role in the expansion of the city’s rail and transport industries located nearby. Beginning with the city’s major growth in the 1950s, the hotel slowly declined; the building’s appearance and usefulness was severely compromised during the 1980s, when part of the ground floor was used as an adult business.

This building was extensively rehabilitated in the early 1990s as part of a Redevelopment Agency-assisted plan to develop the site as a mixed used project. Key architectural features were restored or replicated on the front façade; the structure’s brick walls were repointed or rebuilt; and new construction was placed at the side and toward the rear of the building to keep the original design as visible as possible. Now part of a 16-unit rental complex, the building has six apartments on the second floor and two additional units on a new penthouse level.