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Stuelke House

Stuelke House

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Location: 502 E. Chapman Avenue
1916: Craftsman Bungalow

Stuelke HouseAs a classic one and a half-story Craftsman bungalow, this house appears unaltered from its original design. Although modestly designed and detailed, the customary features of bungalow architecture are all prevalent: low-pitched gable roofs with deep eaves, exposed rafters and the use of brackets; horizontal redwood siding; a flared base; and a well proportioned, coherent window design throughout all sides of the structure. Typically, the second story is set back from the first, providing a pleasing and unimposing appearance for the neighborhood.

The residence was constructed for Albert Stuelke, a longtime music teacher for the Brea-Olinda High School, who lived there until the 1940s. The property continues to be owned by the Stuelke family.

With its prominent location on a corner lot along busy Chapman Avenue, the house’s modest but true Craftsman architecture has become a visual landmark for the community.