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Ruddock House

Ruddock House

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Location: 520 W. Amerige Avenue
1905: Queen Anne Victorian

Ruddock HouseThis late Victorian house has an “L”-shaped plan with a first-story bay window on the north-facing wing facing Amerige Avenue. Prominent architectural details include the steep, compound gable roof, a “balloon” wood frame construction featuring extensive wood siding and trim work, and the sheltered wood porch. The house was originally more ornate than its present condition; spindlework once filled the gables and were part of the porch design, while finials decorated the roof ridges.

The house is unaltered in design, but the front porch has been reworked. A low-profile section at the rear of the house appears to be an addition, unknown in date. The present owners of this house, who secured it to a new foundation in the early 1990s, are slowly restoring it to its past glory.

The detached, two-story structure at the rear of the property was constructed in 1939, and is not related historically or architecturally to the front house.

Originally, the home belonged to Charles Ruddock. He and his family came to the area from Wisconsin in 1897. Ruddock eventually owned a considerable amount of unimproved land in the Fullerton-Placentia area where he grew oranges and walnuts. He later became active in local government, serving on the police force for some time and seeking office of County Sheriff in 1910.