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Livingston House

Livingston House

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Location: 419 S. Harbor Boulevard (Originally Located: 117 W. Valencia Drive)
1908: Craftsman Bungalow

Livingston HouseThis large, one-and-half story wood-framed structure is one of the few remaining grove houses constructed by Fullerton’s pioneering families. The house was originally situated at 419 South Spadra Road (Harbor Boulevard). The initial owner, Eugene Livingstone, was a rancher who owned land south of the Santa Fe Railroad. He subdivided the property that is now along West Valencia Drive in 1913, and moved his house only a short distance to its present lot in 1925. The Livingston family resided there until the 1950s.

Except for the apparent enclosure of the front porch, the house has not been significantly altered since its move to a double lot in 1925.