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Klose House

Klose House

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Location: 434 W. Amerige Avenue
1906: Colonial Revival

Klose HouseThis unusual house exemplifies the Colonial Revival style by the symmetrical placement of first and second story windows on either side of the entrance, the oversized wood pillars for the porch, the clapboard siding, and the broad gable roof.

The enclosure of the balcony on the second story with its small window, was a later addition as part of repairs, after an automobile damaged the porch in the 1920s. (It is rumored that the first lady driver in Fullerton hit the porch; no documentation of this event is available.)

Beginning in the 1920s, the Carl Klose family occupied the house and operated a little market that Mr. Klose had built in 1910, at the rear of the property. During the 50 years that he lived there, the small market proved to be a primary shopping place for the local residents – clearly an important feature for the neighborhood.