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Dauser House

Dauser House

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Location: 117 S. Pomona Avenue (Originally Located:
720 Barris Drive)
1902: Queen Anne Cottage

Dauser HouseThis small Victorian cottage is one of the bestpreserved examples of a turn-of-the-century house in Fullerton. The house contains the attention to detail and craftsmanship that make Victorians so pleasing. On the exterior, the proportions of the structure’s features and the incorporation of the bay windows, small paned glass, dormer detail, porch column, and roof shape all bear evidence of the Craftsman influence. The interior contains similar Victorian features including scroll work in the living room ceiling plaster, wood doorway trim, and built-in cabinets.

This house, originally located on Pomona Avenue, was built for Ben Dauser, a partner in the Brown and Dauser Lumber Company in Fullerton. Mr. Dauser was only part of this company for about five years, after which he moved to Anaheim and started his own business there.

In 1982, the structure was moved to 720 Barris Drive in a plan to save it from demolition. The owner of this property acquired the house from the Fullerton Redevelopment Agency, with the promise of moving and restoring it. As part of its restoration, the owner constructed the two-car garage on the lot in a design compatible with the Victorian architecture of the house. In 2000, the residence was enlarged with an addition that connected the house with the garage. The addition, which included an extension of the roof as well as the covered porch, was designed and constructed to match the original architecture of the house.