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Stedman Jewelers’ Clock

Stedman Jewelers’ Clock

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Location: 102 N. Harbor Boulevard (Original Location: 109 N. Harbor Boulevard)
Ca. 1910

Stedman Jewelers ClockThis unique street clock is one of the few elements of the earlier streetscape still extant on Harbor Boulevard in the downtown area. The clock was not always at its present location. Originally, this street clock was installed on the east side of Harbor Boulevard – at 112 North Spadra Road – around 1910, for Stalmer’s Jewelers. It remained there until 1940, when Billie Stedman, after purchasing Stalmer’s Jewelers in 1928, moved his business across the street to 109 North Spadra Road. Along with the relocation of the business, Mr. Stedman had the street clock moved as well.

When the Stedman family retired from business operations in 1982, after more than 53 years in downtown Fullerton, the street clock became a victim of vandalism and non-maintenance. As part of an effort to restore the clock in 1995, the Stedman family entered into an agreement with the Fullerton Redevelopment Agency. In exchange for gaining its long term possession and use, the lease specified that the Agency would be responsible for the clock’s restoration and maintenance. After more than 18 months of painstaking labor, including reworking the interior dials, the restoration of its neon lighting, and the repainting the 14-foot high base structure, the clock was re-installed and in working order by January, 1997.

The Agency’s interest in preservation efforts and the Stedman family’s desire to share its heritage combined to fully restore this prominent landmark.