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Fullerton Specific Plan District Documents

Fullerton Specific Plan District Documents

The Specific Plan District (abbreviated as "SPD") is a zoning classification which governs standards and uses for a larger area of land. SPD zoning provides for the establishment of physical development standards and regulations for land uses that may be unique to the particular area. These standards and regulations can include such things as lot sizes, building separation distances, land use, parking standards, open/recreational space and more.

The documents below contain the standards and regulations for currently adopted Specific Plans. Please note that the name of a Specific Plan District at time of adoption may not reflect the name of the established neighborhood, and, that over time neighborhood names may change.

If you do not see the name of the neighborhood you're looking for, see map showing locations - Specific Plan Districts.

Adopted Specific Plan Documents
 MAP of Specific Plan Locations
Mixed Use Districts
 600 W. Commonwealth Specific Plan   
Amerige Heights Specific Plan DistrictAmerige Heights Design Guidelines  (Valencia Grove, Amerige Heights Specific Plan Amendment No. 1, a residential-only district)
 Harbor Walk Specific Plan
 Jefferson Commons/University House
 SOCO Walk/Fullerton Transit Village
 Fullerton Transportation Center Specific Plan
Residential Districts
 Aspens at Turnleaf and Cedars at Turnleaf
 Citrus Park Specific Plan  
 Hawks Pointe
 Imperial Parkhurst
 Orangefaire Specific Plan
 Roosevelt Fullerton
 Sunrise Assisted Living
 University Heights
 Valencia Grove - Amerige Heights Specific Plan, Amendment No. 1  
 Valencia & Woods
 Williamson Avenue
 Willow Specific Plan  
Commercial Districts
Pacific Medical Buildings/St. Jude Plaza Medical Office Buildings, West side of Harbor Blvd.
 St. Jude Medical
Center, East side of Harbor Blvd.


Revised: April 13, 2020