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Planning Forms, Applications & Calendars

Planning Forms, Applications & Calendars

Please note: Appointments are required to submit Planning application packets.

Appointments allow us to help all our customers efficiently and effectively.

Please schedule based on your application type:
For Planning Commission reviews
(CUP, Variance, Major Site Plan, Subdivision Map, Zone Change, General Plan Revision):
Contact Christine Hernandez, Associate Planner (714) 738-3163 | ChristineH@cityoffullerton.com

For Zoning Administrator or Director Determination reviews
(Minor Site Plan, Minor Exception, Administrative Restaurant Use Permit Review):
Contact Andrew Kusch, Associate Planner (714) 738-6550 | AndrewK@cityoffullerton.com or Edgardo Caldera, Assistant Planner (714) 773-5773 ECaldera@cityoffullerton.com

Commissions and Committees

Planning Calendars/Schedules

All new project submittals will be reviewed for completeness prior to scheduling for a particular hearing or meeting.  At the end of this period, applicants will receive written notice of the status of their application. Completed applications will be scheduled for hearings/meetings while those that are deemed incomplete will require additional information before a hearing/meeting date can be determined.

Submittal Requirements Checklist

Be sure to download a copy of the Submittal Requirements in addition to the application forms listed below.  The checklist contains detailed information about what to include on plans or declare within the application forms, depending on the type of project you are proposing.  If you are missing items or information on the checklist, we may not be able to accept your application packet when you arrive for your appointment. Digital copies (.PDF) of plans, applications and documents are required

Revised: 5/22/2019

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