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Zoning Maps and Apps

Zoning Maps and Apps

Printable files - Zoning Atlas and Wall Map

Zoning AtlasThis booklet of 11 by 17 inch pages provides zoning information by parcel in a portable size.  It includes an index to streets and a history of zoning updates since 2008.  This booklet was completely reproduced in April, 2017 after the G-C General Commercial classification replaced several other commercial classifications.  Check your existing atlas for updated pages.

Zoning Wall Map - 48 inch wide by 36 inch tall, PDF format, color.

Apps and data

GoZone - Interactive app includes Zoning, Community Development Type (General Plan), lot size and other information.  Use on most mobile devices.  GoZone Instructions and Help.

Looking for digital data files?  See our GIS page

Our maps are produced using ESRI ArcMap© software. The parcel base used for these maps is available from the County of Orange.