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Planning Documents

Planning Documents

Specific Plans

Specific plans are established to implement and regulate land use and development within a specific project boundary. In most instances specific plans supersede the original zoning of the land unless otherwise specified. 

CBD Guidelines

Central Business District Design Guidelines (CBD Guidelines.PDF) - This illustrated document provides guidance for construction and rehabilitation of private and public development within Downtown Fullerton, including building materials and design, signage, lighting, and street furniture. Includes a map showing the boundaries of the Downtown Business District.

Residential Preservation Zones

Design Guidelines for Residential Preservation Zones - Construction and improvement guidelines for properties in the Residential Preservation Zones of Fullerton are provided in this document.  Included are many color illustrations and maps showing the neighborhoods subject to review under these guidelines.

Map of Residential Preservation Zones

Pico-Carhart Rural Street Design Guidelines

Development Guidelines for new construction or remodelling in this rural neighborhood. (Pico St., Carhart Ave., Johnson Pl., Stephens Ave., Beverly Dr., Rose Dr., Ramona Dr., Arroyo Dr. and portions of Fern Dr. and Valley View Dr.) A map is included to help you determine if your property is included in this area.

Scenic Corridor Design Guidelines

For projects adjacent to Fullerton's Scenic Corridors, this document provides guidance for landscaping and screening requirements.  It includes a list of the corridors affected.

Zoning Code

Download or browse the zoning code (Title 15).

Zoning Maps

(printable pages)
View or print the official zoning maps for the City and save a trip or phone call to City Hall. (Documents are in PDF format.)

General Plan -

The Fullerton Plan
Digital version of the City's General Plan, titled The Fullerton Plan. California State law requires each city to adopt a comprehensive, long-range plan for its physical development. Planners, elected officials and the community use the General Plan to guide future land use decisions. Download The Fullerton Plan in Adobe PDF format.

Fullerton Through the Years
A document containing color photographs and descriptive histories of many Fullerton buildings and features.

Guide to Estimating Irrigation Needs of Landscape Plantings in California

A guide for preparing landscape plans for projects subject to FMC 15.50 using the Landscape Coefficient Method and WUCOLS III. Visit this page if you need more information on Fullerton's Landscape Ordinance.

Landscape Information and Requirements 

Landscape Plant List - An informational document describing drought resistant plant materials suited for our local climate and soil conditions. The document contains separate listings for fire retardant, erosion control and other special purpose plant materials, as well as a list of rare and native California plants. This document is for informational purposes only and is not part of the city's landscape ordinance.
For more information on Fullerton's Landscape Ordinance, please click here.

Airport Master Plan
Development Prepared in May 2004 this study provides plans for the future development of the Fullerton Municipal Airport.

Local Hazard Mitigation Plan

The LHMP identifies the City's vulnerability to natural disasters and sets goals and objectives for reducing loss of life and property to disasters such as floods, wildfires, severe weather and earthquake hazards.

Transportation Assessment  Policies & Procedures (TAPP) - SB743

Policy and procedures to evaluate a project for General Plan consistency (LOS analysis) and CEQA compliance (VMT analysis) and address, through project conditions and mitigation measures, any corresponding effects on transportation or potential significant impacts.