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Titan House

Titan House

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Originally: Henry Hetebrink House
Location: C.S.U. Fullerton campus
1886: Colonial Revival

Henry Hetebrink HouseThis house is tied to one of the early settlers in Orange County. The Hetebrinks came to California in 1859, and to this area in 1872. Henry Hetebrink built an earlier home on this site in 1875, but it was destroyed by fire in 1884. This second house, constructed with brick made locally, is the only early residence of this type of construction still remaining in Fullerton. While the front porch has been replaced so that it now resembles a terrace, no other major changes have been made. The house features a full basement.

The Hetebrink family used the 160-acre property to operate one of the few dairy farms in the area. The property is now part of the C.S.U. Fullerton campus.