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Building Permits Online

Building Permits Online

Search archived Building Permit records - Important information to know before you search ...

Permits are archived by street name, then by address number. Check all three folders to find a complete permit history.

Some of the older permits may be difficult to read; we are working to identify and replace them at this time.  The original microfilm is available at our offices if you require a clearer image.  Plans stamped by a licensed professional are considered copyrighted material and can only be viewed at our offices, in person.

Permits in this archive include both "Final" (completed permits where an inspection was obtained and passed) and "Expired" (not completed) records.  A new permit is required for any expired permit.

 Search for Building permits for work-in-progress - Tidemark Permits

  • Find out if Building permits have been issued for work in progress.
  • Check the status of plans you've submitted for review.
  • Get inspection results for work in progress.

You will need a permit number an address or Assessor's Parcel Number (also called "APN") or Permit Number to use this system.

 When is a Building permit required? - Find out if work you plan to do requires a city-issued building permit.

 Apply for Building permits online - See if this process is right for you.

Building Permit Fees - Basic information is available in our Current Residential Fees or Current Commercial/Industrial Fees handouts.  For more detailed information, please call the Building Division at (714)738-6541.