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What are the current cannabis regulations in Fullerton?

The City Council adopted an Ordinance Amendment to Title 15 of the Fullerton Municipal Code to prohibit marijuana related uses and/or activities citywide. This Ordinance became effective on December 21, 2017 and prohibits all marijuana related uses including dispensaries (medical or recreational), manufacturing, testing, delivery and cultivation (except as permitted through the MAUCRSA for personal use).

October 15, 2019 City Council Actions

At the October 15, 2019 City Council meeting, the City Council approved a Resolution of Intention declaring the City's intent to consider amendments to the Fullerton Municipal Code regarding cannabis regulations.  The City Council directed city staff to spend the next 5-months gathering additional information and conducting community outreach and engagement on this topic and return to the City Council in March, 2020 with recommendations commercial cannabis regulations in the City.  It is important to note that all cannabis activities and uses remain illegal during this study period. 

Next Steps

The City will be holding a series of community outreach events to receive feedback and recommendations from the community and cannabis experts starting in January, 2020.  The dates, times and locations of these meetings will be advertised on this webpage, the City's Nextdoor account and the city webpage.  If you wish to be added to the notification list for these meetings, please send an e-mail to Matt Foulkes with your name and contact information.  

Contact Information

For more information or updates, please contact Matt Foulkes.

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Revised:  11/11/2019