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Homeless Assistance

Homeless Assistance

"From Orlando to Orange County, Homelessness is Nationwide" 

 Click here to view the many "signs" of homelessness.

Video Credit to the Central Florida Commission on Homelessness.

Local Assistance for Emergency Housing

Emergency Services - For information on shelters for individuals and families, food distribution locations in Fullerton, assistance with rent/utilities, motel vouchers and holiday food and gift programs, transitional shelters, and homeless prevention programs:

Domestic Violence Services- For information on services for survivors of domestic violence and human trafficking with substance abuse issues, mental illness, and victims:

OneStop Referral Center - For information and referrals to community health and human services support in the Orange County area:

Resource Guides (Printable)

Homeless Resources

The Fullerton Police Department’s Homeless Liaison Officer (HLO) Unit is comprised of four officers dedicated to assisting the homeless population in Fullerton. Utilizing partnerships with various faith based organizations, the Coast to Coast Foundation, and Orange County Mental Health, the HLO Unit’s mission is to provide homeless individuals with opportunities to get off the streets and into permanent housing.

SB-2 Emergency Shelter Housing Zone Map

This map shows areas within Fullerton that have been zoned to allow emergency shelter housing construction.



Revised:  ‎03/12/2018