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Affordable Housing

Affordable Housing

Finding Affordable Housing Developments in Fullerton

The City of Fullerton and the Successor Agency to the former Fullerton Redevelopment Agency have provided financial assistance to facilitate the development of rent-restricted housing throughout the City. The City has agreements with the owners of these locations, which restrict the rents to amounts below regular market rental rates. Households must meet specified income requirements, which may vary from development to development. Interested applicants may contact on-site property management regarding vacancies within the development and income requirements.

These affordable housing developments are for families, seniors, and the handicapped. Some of the locations contain units which are set aside for low-income households while others accommodate low-income households only. A phone number and a contact person have been provided to obtain information on rent rates and estimated move-in dates.

For more information regarding affordable housing in other Orange County cities, contact the Orange County Housing Authority at (714) 480-2700.


Notice of Affordable Restrictions on Transfer of Property (AB 987)

The Successor Agency to the former Fullerton Redevelopment Agency is continuing to actively work on developing affordable housing units and ensuring that these units remain reserved for low-income families and individuals.


Housing Successor Annual Report (SB 341)

The Housing Successor Annual Report (Report) regarding the Low and Moderate Income Housing Asset Fund (LMIHAF) is prepared pursuant to California Health and Safety Code Section 34176.1 (f). This report sets forth certain details of the City of Fullerton (Housing Successor) activities during a fiscal year. The purpose of this report is to provide the governing body of the Housing Successor an annual report on the housing assets and activities of the Housing Successor under Part 1.85, Division 24 of the California Health and Safety Code, in particular sections 34176 and 34176.1 (Dissolution Law).


Fullerton Housing Authority Annual Report

On February 15, 2011, the City Council of the City of Fullerton (“City Council”), by Resolution No. 2011-14, established the Fullerton Housing Authority (“Authority”) pursuant to the California Housing Authorities Law (California Health and Safety Code Sections 34000, et seq.). Pursuant to H&SC Section 34290, the City Council declared within Resolution No. 2011-14 that its members shall serve as the commissioners of the Authority and shall have all of the rights, powers, duties, and privileges vested by the California Housing Authorities Law.

Per H&SC Section 34328, at least once a year the authority shall file with the clerk of the respective city or county and with the Department of Housing and Community Development (HCD) a report of its activities for the preceding year (“Annual Report”). This Annual Report shall contain information adequate for the city, county, or department to determine that the requirements of Section 34312.3 have been met for any activity undertaken pursuant to that section.


The Affordable Housing Clearinghouse is a network of lenders, community groups, and public agencies dedicated to the creation of quality affordable housing. The Clearinghouse provides homebuyer assistance to low- and moderate-income families. Additionally, to assist families in preparing to purchase a home, the Clearinghouse provides homebuyer education and credit counseling. For information regarding the Clearinghouse’s programs please contact the Affordable Housing Clearinghouse at (877) 990-5626 or (949) 859-9255.

Habitat for Humanity of Orange County strives to create affordable homeownership opportunities for qualified families. To learn more about Habitat for Humanity, please call (714) 434-6200.




City of Fullerton
Housing & Neighborhood Services
303 W. Commonwealth Avenue | Fullerton, CA 92832
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Revised:    12/7/2018