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Historic Preservation

Historic Preservation

Thank you for your interest in preserving Fullerton's historic resources.  Fullerton has a rich and varied mix of historic resources, including buildings and neighborhoods, with historical, architectural, or cultural significance.  These resources represent important aspects of the history of Fullerton and the region.

Special requirements apply to modifications of historic structures. Historic districts in Fullerton include both residential and commercial areas. For help in determining whether your property is within a historic district and what requirements might apply, please contact the Planning Division at (714)738-6559.

Historic Resources in Fullerton

The most current list of Historic Resources and Designations are included in The Fullerton Plan below:

Historic Preservation Element  - Master Plan of goals and policies for historic preservation.

Historic Preservation Table & Maps - Names, addresses, current historic designations associated maps. 

Mills Act Program

At its meeting on April 21, 2020, the City Council adopted a Mills Act Program for the City of Fullerton.  Enacted in 1972, the Mills Act grants participating local governments the authority to enter into contracts with owners of qualified historic properties who actively participate in the restoration and maintenance of their historic properties in exchange for receiving property tax reductions.  The Mills Act is codified in both the California Government Code (Article 12, Section 50280-50290) and the California Revenue and Taxation Code (Artice 1.9, Sections 439-439.4) .  

Guidelines for Preservations Zones and Central Business District Design Guidelines

Links to other Historic Resources

Fullerton Through The Years  -  This survey, completed in the early 2000's, contains color photographs and descriptive histories of many Fullerton buildings and features.  For up to date designations of Historic Resources, please see the documents listed in The  Fullerton Plan (top of page). 

Local History Room - Filled with newspapers, maps, photographs, even early phone books from Fullerton this room is located at the Fullerton Public Library Main Branch at the Civic Center.  If you enjoyed the photo slides on this page, view more online at the Local History Photo Archive at Fullerton Public Library

History of Fullerton  -  Find links to local history of Fullerton's development and historic buildings. 

Fullerton Heritage - Non-profit, volunteer organization dedicated to preserving Fullerton's cultural history and architecture. 

Window Repair and Retrofit:  Studies and Research - Link to the California Office of Historic Preservation's page regarding preservation of historic windows.