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Downtown Game Plan

Downtown Game Plan

What's the Game Plan?

The Downtown Fullerton Game Plan is a multi-pronged approach to achieve a shared, desired outcome for the Downtown by improving public safety, facilitating successful businesses, creating attractive public and private spaces, and maintaining a positive reputation and perception.  This webpage is the source for all information about the Game Plan initiatives:

Presentation on Downtown Fullerton Game Plan

Downtown Parking

On July 23, 2018, the Transportation and Circulation Commission (TCC) recommended approval of the 90-day Downtown Nighttime Paid Parking Pilot Program (Pilot Program).  On August 21, 2018, the City Council approved the Pilot Program and authorized staff to release a Request for Qualifications (RFQ) to procure parking management professional services, including implementation of the Pilot Program. On April 16, 2019 (continued from March 19, 2019), the City Council approved entering into an agreement with SP+, a nationally recognized parking management company, to manage and implement the Pilot Program.

The pilot program will start on Thursday, July 18, 2019.  More information is available here:

Paid Parking Pilot Program Flyer_July 18 Start Date.pdf

https://fullertonparkingguide.com - Please note that in advance of July 18, the website may periodically be unavailable as updates are performed.  

The Pilot Program parameters as approved by the City Council are as follows:

  1. Location: Public parking lots and structures generally bounded by Wilshire Avenue on the north, the railroad tracks on the south, Malden Avenue on the west and Pomona Avenue on the east;
  2. Days and Times: Thursday, Friday and Saturday nights between 9:00 PM or 10 PM and 1:00 AM;
  3. Fees: A flat fee for parking set at $5;
  4. Use of Net Revenues: Designate revenue from the program for reinvestment into the operations of the Downtown, generally including maintenance, enforcement, safety and security, and including funding for the preparation of an Assessment Engineer’s Report to inform consideration of the formation of a Business Improvement District and/or other type of Landscape, Lighting or Maintenance District.

The Employee Permit Parking Program revisions are currently tabled following review by the TCC where a decision on the changes was continued.


City Council Agenda Report - April 16, 2019
City Council Resolution - April 16, 2019
City Council Agenda Report - March 19, 2019
City Council Meeting Notice - March 19, 2019
City Council Agenda Report - August 21, 2018
City Council Meeting Notice - August 21, 2018
Transportation and Circulation Commission Staff Report - July 23, 2018 meeting
Transportation and Circulation Commission - July 23, 2018 Meeting Notice
Community Meeting Presentation - May 21, 2018

For more information, please contact Heather Allen at heathera@cityoffullerton.com 

Restaurant Regulations

At its meeting on April 16, 2019, the City Council approved Ordinance 3270 which amended Titles 3 and 15 of the City's Municipal Code regarding regulations for businesses selling alcohol for on-site consumption (i.e. restaurants and bars) and live entertainment.  These new regulations become effective on June 6, 2019 and affect both existing and proposed restaurants and bars citywide.   

New Businesses - Any new businesses (restaurant, bar, etc.) which was not in operation with a valid Department of Alcoholic Beverage Control (ABC) license and a Fullerton Business Registration prior to the effective date of Ordinance 3270 will be required to obtain either an Administrative Restaurant Use Permit (ARUP) or Conditional Use Permit (CUP) in order to operate a restaurant or bar and comply with all Zoning (Title 15) requirements for alcohol serving establishments.  

New and Existing Businesses - Both new and existing business will be subject to the new Entertainment Permit (Title 3) requirements in order to offer Entertainment at their establishment.  The Entertainment Permit is an annual permit that is administered by the Polie Department and regulates the entertainment activity(ies). 

Major Expansion or Modification - If an existing business wishes to expand or makes substantial changes to its business operation, they will be required to amend or obtain either an ARUP or CUP depending on whether they offer entertainment at their establishment. 

If you own or operate a business which sells alcohol for on-site consumption and wish to either obtain or amend an Administrative Restaurant Use Permit (ARUP) or Conditional Use Permit (CUP), please contact the City of Fullerton Planning Department at (714) 738-6559 or e-mail at: MattF@CityofFullerton.com for more information.  

If you own or operate a business and wish to obtain or renew your Entertainment Permit, please contact Renee Herrera at the Fullerton Police Department for more information.  

In the documents section below you will find a copy of the approved Ordinance 3270, applications to obtain or amend a CUP or ARUP and documents related to Entertainment Permits. 


For more information, please contact Matt Foulkes at mattf@cityoffullerton.com

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Revised:  3/15/2019