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Demographics Fullerton at a Glance

Demographics Fullerton at a Glance

22.3 square miles

Map Coordinates:
33.53 north latitude; 117.55 west longitude

150 feet above sea level

Average Mean Temperature:
62.2 degrees (F)



George and Edward Amerige, former Massachusetts grain merchants-turned- real estate promoters.

The Name:
The City was named for George H. Fullerton, the Santa Fe Railway land agent who routed the railroad through the City.

City Government:
Fullerton is a "general law" city, meaning it derives its powers from acts of the state Legislature. The state Governmental Code is the fundamental law of the City, specifying powers and the form of government which will put these powers into service. This is different from a "charter city" which has more control over local municipal affairs, and charter provisions covering municipal affairs prevail over the state laws when the two conflict.
Fullerton's form of government is "Council-Manager." The City Council enacts policy and provides the political leadership, while the City Manager directs City departments in carrying out that policy.

City Seal:
Designed by artist Tom Van Sant, the figures shown in the seal are stylized depictions of the qualities important to the City of Fullerton. The orange tree refers to the City's agricultural beginnings; the man, woman and child represent families; and the open book represents the City's commitment to providing education and cultural opportunities to its citizens.

142,824 total population (CA Department of Finance, Jan. 2019)

Population by Race*:
One race: 95.3% of population
White 55.3%
Black or African American 2.8%
American Indian & Alaska Native 0.3%
Asian 24.6%
Native Hawaiian & Pacific Isl. 0.4%
Some other race 11.8%
Two or More Races: 4.7% of population

Hispanic or Latino Origin*: 36.4% of population

*U.S. Census Bureau, American Community Survey 2013-2017, . Percentages based on ACS 2013-2017 total population estimate of 139,976. The ACS samples a small percentage of the population every year. The 5-year estimate provided here has a larger sample size and is more precise than a smaller-span estimate. For more information about Census data, please visit www.census.gov

Registered Voters:
70,729 (OC Registrar of Voters, as of 9/4/2019)

Republican - 22,270 (31.5%)
Democrat - 26,667 (37.7%) 
NPP (No Party Preference) - 18,675 (26.4%)
American Independent - 1,835 (2.6%)
Libertarian - 646 (0.9%)
Green - 242 (0.3%)
Miscellaneous - 203 (0.3%)
Peace and Freedom - 191 (0.3%)
More Info at OCVOTE.com


Total Housing Units: 47,885

Occupied Housing Units: 95% of Total Housing Units

Unoccupied Housing Units: 5% of Total Housing Units

Average Household Size:

Owner-Occupied Units: 2.93 persons

Renter-Occupied Units: 3.08 persons

(Housing and Average Household Size, 2013-2017 American Community Survey, U.S. Census)

Median Income:   
Household Estimate: $71,660

Family Estimate: $83,924

(2013-2017 American Community Survey, U.S. Census)

Annual Budget (Total City & Redevelopment Agency):
$237.8 million (fiscal 2010-1) (City & Redevelopment Agency)

City Tree:  

City Flower:  

City Motto:  
The Education Community

Number of Businesses:
11,614 (approx., as of June 2011)

Major Corporate Employers:
CSU Fullerton
St. Jude Medical Center
Raytheon Systems (THALES)
Fullerton School District
Fullerton College
Alcoa Fastening Systems
Fullerton Joint Union High School District
St. Jude Heritage Health

Miles of City Streets:  

Miles of Sewers:

Miles of Storm Drains:

Miles of Water Lines/Mains:
420 approx.

Average Daily Water Consumption:
25.02 (in millions of gallons)

Number of Street Lights:

Number of Street Trees:

Recreational Facilities:
More than 50 City parks, a museum, a cultural center, a library, two golf courses, two sports complexes, a golf driving range, a tennis center, an arboretum, Janet Evans Swim Complex, three community centers, two regional parks, a skateboard park, an equestrian center, 29 miles of recreational trails, and approximately 200 acres of recreational land in the Brea Dam Recreational Area

Transportation Facilities:
Fullerton Transportation Center (Amtrak, Metrolink & OCTA)
Fullerton Municipal Airport

15 public elementary
2 public K-8
3 junior high
5 public high
5 universities & colleges

Revised: 9/3/2019