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Community Development Counter Hours and Services

Community Development Counter Hours and Services

*** Community Development Public Counters will be closed on Friday, June 21, 2019 ***

Building and Planning Divisions

- City Hall, 2nd Floor

Housing and Code Enforcement Divisions

- City Hall, 3rd Floor

Counter Hours and Services

Monday - Thursday


Alternating Fridays





Plan Submittal -1st Submittal*

Building Code Questions

Business Licenses

Permit Issuance on Approved Plans*



Tuesday - Thursday

7AM - 5PM

Alternating Fridays

7:30AM - 4:30PM

Sat - Sun



Over-Counter permits* for:

  • Furnace/Air Conditioning
  • Re-Roof (material under 5lbs./s.f.
  • Residential Mec/Ele/Plm
  • Demolition
  • Water Heater (with tank)
  • 200-Amp Service (or less)

Plan Pick-up (Corrected Plans)

Plan Resubmittal (drop-off)

Zoning Code Questions

Code Enforcement Issues

Housing Program Assistance


7AM-8AM and


Tuesday - Thursday

7AM-8AM and


Alternating Fridays

7:30AM-8AM and


Sat - Sun


Speak with a Building Inspector or get an approximate inspection time for a scheduled inspection.

Please note: Appointments are required to submit Planning application packets.

Appointments allow us to help all our customers efficiently and effectively.
Please schedule based on your application type:

For Planning Commission reviews
(CUP, Variance, Major Site Plan, Subdivision Map, Zone Change, General Plan Revision):
Contact Christine Hernandez, Associate Planner (714) 738-3163 | ChristineH@cityoffullerton.com

For Zoning Administrator or Director Determination reviews
(Minor Site Plan, Zoning Adjustment, ARUP, Security Fence Review):
Contact Andrew Kusch, Associate Planner (714) 738-6550 | AndrewK@cityoffullerton.com

*Please note: Plan approval and processing typically requires several steps and the participation of more than one reviewer. If you arrive at the end of service hours with a complex or very large submission, you may be asked to return at a later time/day to complete the process.


1) The accelerated Building Department plan check turn-around goal is one week from submittal date (7 business days). Accelerated service is not always available and does not cover all Division reviews.

2) Normal, non-accelerated plan check turn-around goal is 12 business days.

3) The Community Development Department counter closes earlier on some days to allow staff to conduct staff meetings.

4) Incoming phone calls may go directly to voicemail at hours of peak demand. Customers are encouraged to leave a message and Community Development staff will return your call as soon as possible.  Please look through our web pages, as we have posted many commonly requested documents and forms.  To research permits, click here.

5) If you are calling to confirm your scheduled inspection, you must call prior to 8:00 a.m.   Important information about inspection time estimates.

6) If you have received a notice of violation (NOV) from the Code Enforcement division, please visit the Community Development Department during the time noted on your letter OR call the phone number in the letter to make an appointment to minimize your wait time, due to reduced staffing.

7) If you have a project under review by a member of the Planning team, please make an appointment with your assigned planner to minimize your wait time. Appointments are required for submission of entitlement requests due to reduced planning staffing.  See the section above for contact information to make a submission appointment.