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Trash Bin Regulations

Trash Bin Regulations

When should I set out my trashcans? Are there any restrictions?

Trash containers may not be set out earlier than 1 a.m. the day before collection, and must be removed by midnight the day of collection. You can determine your collection day by calling MG Disposal Systems, the City’s trash contractor, at (714) 238-2444.

Full trash containers cannot weigh more than 75 pounds. Brush, tree trimmings, logs and wood can be placed in securely tied bundles not exceeding 4 feet in length, and 16 inches in width.

What about large items?

Bulky, large items such as stoves, water heaters and furniture cannot be set out with your regular trash collection. Special arrangements for the pickup of these items can be made by calling MG Disposal Systems to request a Large Item Pickup, at the number above.

What if I need large bins for construction?

The City of Fullerton has an exclusive contract with MG Disposal for trash removal services. If a construction project requires a large bin, call MG Disposal at (714) 238-2444 to make arrangements. The only exception to this ordinance is if the contractor performing the on-site work owns his own trash bin.