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Residential Beekeeping

Residential Beekeeping


On May 17, 2016 the Fullerton City Council authorized the Community Development Department to research and develop code language related to beekeeping as an allowable use in a Residential zone.

Worldwide, the domesticated honeybee populations are threatened with Colony Collapse Disorder (CCD), and there's been expressed public concern about declining bee populations in California resulting in high interest for residential beekeeping.

Current Regulations / Enforcement

The California Department of Food and Agriculture legislation declares that a healthy and vibrant apiary industry is important to the economy and welfare of the people of the State of California. Protection and promotion of this important industry is in the interest of the people of the State of California; however, the State does not have systems or financing in place for local municipality regulation or enforcement.

Currently the City of Fullerton Municipal Code’s exclusion of residential beekeeping language does not address the State’s pollination crisis.

The current Fullerton Municipal Code defines beekeeping as an agriculture use that is not permitted in a residential zone. Code Enforcement responds to complaints regarding bees in a residential zone and issues a Notice of Violation to have bees removed from property. A recommendation has been made to modify this code to address apiary cultivation in residential zones.

What's Next?

The use of Residential beekeeping is an emerging issue in our community due the environmental concerns. Staff has begun to research best practices for this use as well as review regulations adopted by other Cities throughout the state. The goal is to develop code regulations and language that specifically addresses beekeeping in residential zones; while at the same time ensuring public safety in a manner that will be consistent with the City’s current policies and codes.

Community feedback will also play a critical role in the development of these regulations. The Community Development Department will hold a community meeting as well as circulate an online survey to receive feedback from hosts, neighbors, beekeeping groups in Orange County, and gardening/agricultural agencies about this issue.

Please check back often as information on this page will be updated regularly.

Community Meeting

You are invited to attend a Community Meeting to receive information and provide your input regarding the development of new regulations for residential beekeeping in the City of Fullerton. 

Meeting Details: 
Date: Wednesday, March 1, 2017 
Time: 6:00pm 
Location: Fullerton Community Center (Room 1)
340 W Commonwealth Avenue Fullerton, CA 92832
Online survey

Contact Us

For more information, or to request to be notified of future public outreach events, please contact Guillermina Torrico, Code Enforcement Supervisor at: GuillerminaT@cityoffullerton.com


Community Meeting Flyer