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Code Enforcement Division

Code Enforcement Division

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Code Enforcement - What We Do

We assist residents, business and others in maintaining a safe, orderly and healthful living and working environment within our city.

We enforce regulations relating to:

  • Conditions of an existing structure that constitute a clear and present danger to the public
  • Construction without appropriate building permits
  • Property maintenance complaints, such as outside storage, inoperable vehicles, dilapidated structures, chipping or peeling paint, etc. 
  • Violations of the Fullerton Municipal Code
  • Issues about land use conditions on private property
  • Improperly placed or illegal signage. For reference:
    • Signs are not allowed in all areas and zones, so please see the City's Sign Ordinance for information before placing signage. 
    • Allowable signs must be placed on private property, and only with the consent of the property owner. Signs may not be placed on public property (utility poles, street lights, parks, parkways, etc.).
    • Allowable signs relating to or identifying a function sponsored by a public agency or non-profit organization may be displayed, provided that the sign is not installed any earlier than 30 days prior to the event and is removed within three days after the event.

Common Questions

How To File a Complaint

You may quickly report  these common problems at any time. They will be routed to the responsible City department. You will need to supply the address or cross streets of the problem property to make an on-line complaint. (New users must register during the process.) Simply click on the links to report:

Report Other Problems, Contact Us This Way


Click here to connect to the Citizen Support Center (24-hours) See the section below for tips on using the Citizen Support Center. You will need to register to file an on-line complaint. Once you've created an account you can check back to see what is happening with your complaint or request.

Complaint Line
(714) 773-5704 (24-hours)

U.S. Mail
Code Enforcement Division
City of Fullerton
303 W. Commonwealth Ave., Fullerton CA 92832

Visit our office
City Hall, 2nd Floor, 303 W. Commonwealth Ave. (Commonwealth Ave. and Highland Ave.) Click here for our hours.

Tips for using the Citizen Support Center

  • Register your preferred email address and password once, then use the system any time.
  • Provide us with the specific address of the violation or complaint.
  • Provide a detailed description of the complaint, including any details that would help us observe the problem (like time of day, vehicles involved, description of activities, etc.)
  • Leave us your contact information (kept confidential on our secure server) so that we can call you if we have questions or need more details from you.
  • Follow the on-screen prompts carefully and be sure to press the SUBMIT button to send your request.

We will respond to your complaint with an inspection within ten working days of the date your on-line complaint is retrieved from our server. If you would like to receive a call back regarding the disposition of your complaint, please indicate this on the complaint form. Please be aware that due to the nature of code complaints, some case information must be kept confidential.