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Pool Demolition

Pool Demolition

A demolition permit is required to regulate the demolition and removal of a gunite swimming pool/spa to ensure that the area has been properly located, the pool bottom removed and the fill material has been approved and properly compacted.

The concern is that an abandoned gunite pool will act as a bowl and unregulated back-filling may create an area of super-saturated soil which could prove to be a hazard to the public's safety. The other consideration is that there may be a future building on the site and the uncompacted fill would not be adequate to sustain the loading and the new structure would likely suffer structural damage.


A demolition permit may be issued to the property owner or to a licensed contractor, following the established permit process. The fee is based on a valuation of $1.57 per square foot of the swimming pool/spa area. A demolition bond of $1.57 per square foot is required to ensure that the proper methods have been used. A plot plan showing the location, demolition procedure, and the required inspections is required.


The permittee must remove a section of the deep end having an area of at least 100 square feet. The sidewalls of the pool must be removed to a depth of at least 2 feet below finish grade. All debris must be properly disposed of off site. An inspection is required to insure that the above has been completed.

Backfill material may be uncompacted sand to the full depth of the pool wall. Exception: The top 24 inches may be topsoil or other similar material for landscape purposes. Backfill material other than sand must be compacted to a relative density of 90% and a soils engineers report, or records of proper compaction made by a recognized test lab (approved by the Building Official), must be provided for final approval. Inspection of the backfill material by the City Inspector is required.

The permittee must request a final inspection for the approval of the demolition work and the release of the bond.

Approved by

Hadi Tabatabaee, P. E., C. B. O.
Building Official