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Permit Processing Info

Permit Processing Info

Building & Safety staff reviews construction plans to verify compliance with State Building Codes and local regulations. We are currently under the provisions of the 2019 Edition of the California Building Standards Codes Cycle.

Click here to access Building Permit Applications, Forms and Fees

PLEASE NOTE - We require FOUR plan sets for new submissions and resubmittals, except for Electrical, Plumbing and Mechanical plans which only require 3 sets. Please separate your plan set types to save time at our counter.

Re-submittals of plans due to plan check comments will also require:

  1. Old plan check sets
  2. New revised sets
  3. Plan check comment response letter

Construction Plan Requirements

Detailed construction plans are required for most types of projects. Construction plans must clearly indicate the location, nature, and extent of the project, and show in detail how it will comply with the Building Codes.

For a permit application to be deemed complete for submittal, the submittal documents must contain all information as required per California Building Code Section 107.

This includes, but may not be limited to:

Architectural Plans*

  • Site Plan
  • Floor Plans
  • Roof Plans
  • Elevations
  • Sections
  • Means of Egress Analysis
  • Green Building Code Requirements
  • Title 24 Energy Calculations
  • Site Grading Plans

Structural Plans*

  • Foundation Plan
  • Framing Plans
  • Roof Framing Plans
  • Structural Details
  • Structural Calculations

*Please be advised that not all items may be necessary based on the proposed scope of work. Please speak with a Plan Check Engineer with the Building Division to clarify if an item is necessary for submittal.

Getting Construction Plans Prepared for Your Project

Construction plans must be prepared by a qualified person. Building & Safety staff does not prepare plans. For most project types, the plans must be prepared by a California Licensed Architect or Engineer.

For help hiring an Architect, please click here for the Consumer's Guide to Hiring an Architect.

For very small projects, Building & Safety provides some standard plans and details. Click here to access the Standard Details for Construction page.

Submitting incomplete, inaccurate, or non-compliant plans could delay the permit process for your project and incur additional plan review fees.

Over-the-Counter Plan Review

Smaller projects which require no more than 30 minutes for plan review can typically be reviewed over-the-counter. Depending on the complexity and scope of your project, or the existing conditions which may be present, Building & Safety may require that you submit your plans for a more detailed review. The following types of projects are normally reviewed over-the-counter:

  • Residential patio covers
  • Small residential remodels
  • Pools and spas (with approved engineered standard plans)
  • Commercial signs
  • Free-standing block walls (non-retaining)


Revised: 7/2/2020