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Homeless Solutions

Homeless Solutions

The Challenge

Homelessness has become an increasing problem in the Nation, State, Orange County and here in Fullerton. Through cooperation among city staff, volunteers, nonprofit and private organizations to address homelessness, Fullerton can make positive changes in the lives of the homeless, while also respecting the rights of home and business owners.

Creating Solutions

Fullerton Efforts

Police Department Liaison Unit - Since January 2016, the Fullerton Police Department has assigned two full-time Homeless Liaison Police Officers to assist with the numerous calls regarding the homeless issues within the City. The Homeless Liaison Officers (HLO) works with various non-profit organizations and various Orange County Department staff to provide extensive assessment for persons experiencing homelessness.

The City also recently began partnering with the County of Orange more closely to host two Behavioral Health clinicians and several new outreach workers funded by the Mental Health Services Act.  These outreach workers are assigned to work in Fullerton and be direct connects between homeless individuals and the necessary services to get them off the streets.

Homeless Resources Manager - In March 2018, the City Manager created a new position within the Housing and Neighborhood Services Division. This full-time staff person is an extensive resource for keeping city departments, non profit homeless service providers and Faith Based organizations abreast of regional efforts and funding opportunities that address homeless issues. This position also is the main contact for residents, businesses seeking information on homeless efforts and issues. This position also administers federally funded programs and the City of Fullerton's affordable housing portfolio; oversees development of permanent supportive housing units for chronically homeless; and attends local, county, regional and state meetings regarding homelessness.

  • Housing and Neighborhood Services - For more information on programs, funding and affordable housing.
  • County Meetings  - For more information on the Continuum of Care Program and Shelter Programs to address a regional approach to ending homelessness in Fullerton
  • Fullerton Collaborative Homeless Subcommittee - this group is a collaborative of non profit homeless service providers, faith based organizations, businesses and residences working on solutions to homelessness.
  • Homeless Assistance - For more information on emergency services, homeless resources/guides, regional emergency shelters, Fullerton shelter efforts, and resource guide.




City of Fullerton
Housing & Neighborhood Services - Homeless Resources
303 W. Commonwealth Avenue | Fullerton, CA 92832
(714) 738-6544



Revised:    12/7/2018