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Homeless Solutions

Homeless Solutions

Homeless Solutions for Fullerton

The City of Fullerton is collaborating with the Association of California Cities – Orange County, on addressing the homeless crisis in Orange County by committing to assist in the development of a share of the estimated 2,700 housing units needed throughout Orange County. The following presentation titled Homelessness Dinner was given recently at a ACC-OC meeting to introduce the concept and seek OC cities support. Please view the following video to learn how homelessness affects an individual and how situations can arise to cause homelessness:

Read the Six Month Homeless Task Force Team Progress Report

Provide a Hand UP, not a Hand OUT

The Challenge

Homelessness has become an increasing problem in the Nation, State, Orange County and here in Fullerton. Through cooperation among city staff, volunteers, nonprofit and private organizations to address homelessness, Fullerton can make positive changes in the lives of the homeless, while also respecting the rights of home and business owners.

Creating Solutions

Since January 2016, the Fullerton Police Department has assigned two full-time Homeless Liaison Police Officers to assist with the numerous calls regarding the homeless issues within the City. The Homeless Liaison Officers (HLO) works with various non-profit organizations, to include City Net, to conduct outreach and case management for individuals and families contacted while in the field.  The City also recently began partnering with the County of Orange more closely to host two Behavioral Health clinicians and several new outreach workers funded by the Mental Health Services Act.  These outreach workers are assigned to work in Fullerton and be direct connects between homeless individuals and the necessary services to get them off the streets.

The various pages within the Homeless Solutions section of our website will introduce you to our Homeless Outreach Team, the efforts they make to address homelessness in Fullerton, and provide links to resources for those experiencing homeless. In addition, the site also provides a detailed description for business and property owners about steps their rights and various steps and actions to be taken pertaining to activities which may occur on their property.


  • Homelessness Assistance
  • For Business & Property Owners
  • Police Department’s Homeless Liaison Officer Unit

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