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Film Permits

Film Permits

Filming in Fullerton

A film permit is required for filming on both public and private properties, depending on the scope of work and nature of the production. A permit is required for commercial filming or commercial still photography on any public space in Fullerton including all parks, on public right-of-way, public property, parking lots, and at City facilities. Commercial filming and photography includes motion picture and television productions, videos, web broadcasts, commercials, and off-news productions.

Film Permits are also required for student, educational and non-profit filming.

The City of Fullerton has approved an agreement with FilmL.A., establishing FilmL.A. as the film permit coordinator for the City. FilmL.A. is now accepting applications to film on public right-of-way, public property, and at City facilities. Film permit applications should be submitted to FilmL.A. through their Online Permit System at www.filmla.com at least 5 business days before the first day of filming. For more information, please contact FilmL.A.'s Production Planning Department at 213-977-8600.

Film Permit Fees

Fees include an application processing fee and site use fee. The applicant will be invoiced separately for any other City services that may be required (e.g., Police or Fire staff). 

Film LA 2021 Fee Schedule

FilmL.A., Inc.
6255 W. Sunset Blvd. 12th Floor
Hollywood, CA 90028
(213) 977-8600


Revised:  ‎8‎/‎17‎/‎2017