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Economic Development Action Team

Economic Development Action Team

The City of Fullerton created the ECONOMIC DEVELOPMENT ACTION TEAM (EDAT) in 1993 to provide high-level customer service to businesses considering expansions or relocations in Fullerton. The EDAT is composed of senior staff members from:

EDAT's mission is to provide a prompt and coordinated response by explaining services offered and fee structures, reviewing processes, discussing permits, providing access to financing, technical, employment and training resources, and responding to specific questions.

Many commercial brokers refer their client’s or prospective tenants to EDAT before signing a lease to make sure all parties have the information they need regarding permits and processing and can make an informed business decision.

EDAT meetings are free and require zero paperwork. Just send an email to EDAT@ci.Fullerton.ca.us to request a meeting or learn more about the value of an EDAT meeting.

Click on the video below to learn more about the City's EDAT program and how it can help your business open faster.


EDAT Sucesses Stories and Testimonials:

"The Action Team played a powerful part in our decision-making. Most cities hinder a move, saying you owe us this or that. Fullerton was willing to work with us. What normally is a nightmare for most businesses has been a dream come true for us in Fullerton."
- Francis Benner, Benner Metals

"We were on a strict time frame to move. Fullerton enabled us to meet that time frame."
- Tige Licato, Tam Produce

"The 'can do' attitude of the Team was evidenced by their spirit of cooperation and quick response. At that one meeting, many questions were answered and several suggestions were made by the Team which were beneficial in meeting the client’s needs and timeline."
- Broker for Viele & Sons Restaurant Supply

"This type of flexibility and support is unfortunately rare in the U.S. I certainly will look closely at other opportunities, now that I see the support and enthusiasm Fullerton can offer."
- Paul La Plante, Ingram Micro

 Revised:  ‎ 2/11/2020