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Fireworks Sales & Discharge

Fireworks Sales & Discharge

Fireworks Sales

Thank you for your interest in the sales of safe and sane fireworks in the City of Fullerton. On November 6, 2012, Fullerton voters approved Measure X, which adopted Ordinance No. 3183 establishing the sale and use of safe and sane fireworks. City Council adopted resolution No. 2016-11 on February 2, 2016, which established rules for the sale and use of safe and sane fireworks within the City of Fullerton.

The fireworks sales application process has two phases: 1) application for fireworks stand lottery drawing and 2) application for fireworks stand sales permit.

Phase 1 – Fireworks Lottery Application

Any group wishing to sell fireworks must first submit a completed application for the fireworks lottery drawing to the City Clerk's Office. The City will issue permits for up to 15 fireworks sales stands – one stand per qualified non-profit organization as defined in this application packet. Those organizations awarded a fireworks sales stand through the lottery drawing must then complete the second phase of the application process to obtain a fireworks sales permit. The Lottery Application period begins on the first day of business in March and closes on the last day of business in March.  A representative of the non-profit group must submit the lottery application in person.

The City will hold the lottery drawing on April 16,  2019 at 5:00 p.m. in the City Council Chambers. For more info contact the City Clerk's Office at (714) 738-6350.       

Fireworks Lottery Update

The following groups submitted qualified applications for the Fireworks Lottery drawing:     

  1. Fullerton Alano Club
  2. Ministerios Profetico Roca De Salvacion
  3. Boys & Girls Club of Fullerton
  4. United Pentecostal Church of Fullerton
  5. Fullerton Junior All American
  6. Kiwanis Club of Fullerton
  7. Fullerton Pop Warner
  8. Day of Music
  9. Fullerton College Women’s Soccer
  10. Eastside Christian School
  11. Fullerton Cares
  12. Hope University Tennis
  13. Orangethorpe United Methodist Church
  14. Freedom House Church
  15. Tara’s Chance
  16. Fullerton High School Girls Volleyball Boosters
  17. Fullerton Elks #1993
  18. Troy NJROTC Booster Club Inc.
  19. Knights of Columbus Assembly
  20. Beechwood Elementary School
  21. Knights of Columbus #4018
  22. Nuevos Comienzos Ministries
  23. Sigma Delta Alpha
  24. East Fullerton Little League
  25. Blue Stars FC
  26. Temple Beth Tikvah
  27. CDA Slammers FC
  28. Fullerton Rangers Soccer Club
  29. Sunny Hills Mens Soccer Booster Club
  30. First Baptist Church of Fullerton (Wilshire Ave Community Church)
  31. Knights of Columbus #16452
  32. Golden Hill Little League
  33. Elite Development Academy, Inc
  34. Kings House of Worship
  35. Victory Outreach Fullerton
  36. Sunset Lane Elementary


Awarded Fireworks Stand Permit Application

Results of the drawing for firework sales permits at the April 16, 2019 City Council meeting:

1. Victory Outreach Fullerton

2. United Pentecostal Church of Fullerton

3. Hope University Tennis

4. Knights of Columbus #4018

5. Sunny Hills Mens Soccer Booster Club

6. Boys & Girls Club of Fullerton

7. Elite Development Academy, Inc

8. Orangethorpe United Methodist Church

9. Fullerton Rangers Soccer Club

10. East Fullerton Little League

11. Fullerton Elks #1993

12. Sunset Lane Elementary

13. Eastside Christian School

14. Tara’s Chance

15. Fullerton Pop Warner Football


(Selected if one of the original 15 groups cannot proceed in the sales process)

Alternate 1. CDA Slammers FC

Alternate 2. Beechwood Elementary School

Alternate 3. Fullerton Cares

Alternate 4. Troy NJROTC Booster Club Inc.

Alternate 5. Ministerios Profetico Roca De Salvacion



Phase 2 – Fireworks Stand Permit Application

Those organizations awarded a fireworks stand in the lottery, must submit a fully completed permit application, in person, to the Fire Department by June 7, 2019. Should you have any other questions regarding permits, please refer to the City’s website or contact the Fire Department at (714) 738-6500.

Safe and Sane Fireworks Stand Locations

Victory Outreach 1425 South Brookhurst Road
United Pentecostal Church  914 West Orangethorpe Avenue
Hope International University 2450 East Chapman Avenue
Knights of Columbus #4018 1250 East Chapman Avenue
Sunny Hills Mens Soccer Booster Club 2291 West Malvern Avenue
Boys and Girls Club of Fullerton 1930 North Placentia Avenue
Elite Development Academy  1304 South Harbor Boulevard
Orangethorpe Methodist Church 1701 West Orangethorpe Avenue
Fullerton Rangers Youth Soccer Club 1040 East Bastanchury Road
East Fullerton Little League 2420 East Chapman Avenue
Fullerton Elks Lodge #1993 1235 North Harbor Boulevard
Sunset Lane Education Foundation 1521 South Harbor Boulevard
Eastside Christian School 312 North Euclid Street
Tara's Chance 202 East Imperial Highway
Fullerton Pop Warner 3336 Yorba Linda Boulevard





Revised:  6/17‎/‎2019