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Billing Information

Billing Information

Your water bill comes once every two months. However, your first bill may be approximately 30-90 days from the start of service.

Your meter will then be read on a 60-day cycle (approximately), and you will receive your bill within seven days after the date of meter reading.

Residential bills consist of four components:

  • Water Use Charge - covers the cost of providing water to your home. Applied to all metered services for standby of water meter and actual consumption of water. Water rates for various rate types are available.
  • Sanitation Charge - Funds City flood control, street sweeping, curb and gutter cleaning, tree trimming, root trimming, and other needed services. (FMC 12.14.010)
  • Trash Collection Charge - We contract with M-G Disposal Services, LLC . for trash. It pays for trash collection services. Multi-family accounts are charged per unit. You will be provided with 3 bins, per unit, on your property (yard waste, recycle, trash). A fee will apply for each additional black trash cart.
  • Sewer Information - View general information on the sewers and information on the Sewer Fee including: Sewer fee calculator, Lifeline Application, Large Lot Application, FAQs

Due Dates and Delinquent Payments

  • All bills are due and payable by the due date shown on the bill, there is no grace period. Please make checks payable to City of Fullerton. The City assumes no liability for loss from Postal delays or payments made elsewhere.
  • If payment of a bill is not received prior to close of business on the due date, as shown on the front of the bill, a late charge, as designated in the adopted fee resolution, will be added to the total amount due for payments received after the due date.