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Waste & Recycling Program FAQs

Waste & Recycling Program FAQs

Answers to frequently asked questions about the waste recycling program

Q. What are the new trash trucks like?

A. The trucks are new “environmentally friendly” clean-burning LNG vehicles.

Q. The new program will use cleaner trucks, but since they will have to make an extra trip, will there be a net gain environmentally?

A. Yes, there will, because a day’s work performed by two of the older diesel fleet can be done in the same or less time with three clean air-powered vehicles.

Q. How will the program work?

A. Republic Services will deliver three 96-gallon containers to each customer: a green container for recyclable items, a brown container for green waster, and a black container for trash. A different truck with a robotic arm will pick up each container.

Q. I live in a condo and don’t have space for such large containers. Can I get smaller containers?

A. Yes, smaller, 64-gallon containers can be requested. In addition, 35-gallon containers can be provided in certain situations. You would need to contact Republic Services for the details.

Q. How will I know what goes in each of the containers?

A. Republic Services will provide each resident with a brochure that will explain the complete program and provide a sorting guideline to follow.

Q. I separate my trash and yard clippings now. Will I be able to continue to do so under the new system?

A. Absolutely! In addition to a truck for green waste, there will be a third truck to pick up recyclables.

Q. What happens to the yard clippings that get mixed in with the trash and or recyclables or any combination. Will the homeowner be fined?

A. There will be no fine. The green waste will be sorted out at the recycling station.

Q. The new program offers a “walk-out” service in which Republic Services employees will take the trash carts to the curb for elderly and disabled residents and return them to their storage area. Will there be an extra fee for this service?

A. There will be no extra fee for the walk-out service.

Q. Will there be a liability issue from drivers coming onto private property to take residents’ bins to the street?

A. There are eligibility requirements and each resident will complete an authorization form permitting the trash hauler to come onto their property.

Q. Under the new program, bins are supposed to be taken to the street. Does this mean no more alley pickups?

A. Prior to implementation of the new system, Republic Services will do an assessment of each neighborhood to determine if the new trucks can accommodate the current placements of trash bins for collections. If the new trucks can maneuver safely and effectively, current placement areas (i.e., curb, alleys, etc.) may remain.

Q. What if I want an extra green waste or recyclables cart? Will I be charged?

A. There will be no charge for additional green waste or recycling carts; however, a charge of $3.55 is being considered for an additional refuse cart.

Q. Occasionally, I may have more yard clippings than would fit in one of the new green waste containers. Would I be able to put extra green waste in a plastic bag for pick up?

A. You may continue to use existing green waste containers in addition to the new green waste carts. You may also use compostable bags and you may continue to bundle your yard trimmings as well. Again, there will be no extra charge for the additional green waste.

Q. Who will own the carts - the City, Republic Services or the homeowner?

A. The carts are the property of Republic Services.

Q. What if a cart is lost or damaged? Is there a replacement fee?

A. There will be no fee to replace damaged carts. Lost or stolen carts will be replaced at no cost; however, there is a two-time limit on replacement of lost or stolen carts during the term of the agreement.

Q. Must the cart lids always be closed?

A. Yes, the lids are attached and designed to remain closed for collection. However, if a small amount of trash prevents the lid from closing, the container will be serviced by Republic Services.

Q. Is there income for the City from the recyclables?

A. The new agreement provides for the City to evaluate the financial terms after five years. This will include reviewing revenue received from the State of California Redemption Value program.

Q. Under the old program, we could call Republic Services to have extra trash and large, bulky items such as sofas and washing machines removed at no cost. Will we still have that service under the new system?

A. Yes, Republic Services will continue to offer its “Special Item Pick-up Program" at no cost to residents year-round. However, there are some limitations and charges. There is a limit of 10 items per collection. Air conditioning units, freezers and refrigerators will be charged an environmental charge because of the gas in the units.

Q. If I have a large party and my guests accidentally discard recyclable material in with the other waste, do I have to go through the trash and separate the recyclables?

A: No; simply put all the trash in the general waste container. Of course, if you have too much trash for your cart, you can use Republic Services free “Special Item Pick-up Program” in which you can bag or box your trash and set it at the curb, and Republic Services will pick it up at no additional charge. In planning for future events, you should consider having separate containers available for your guests: one for discarding food waste and one for discarding recyclables such as bottles, cans and plastic (i.e., tableware, glasses, etc.).

Q. The new contract says our rates will not be raised until June 2009. That’s just around the corner. How much can they raise rates after that?

A. The current monthly rate is $17.80 and will not increase through fiscal 2008-09. As in the existing agreement, the rate under the new program will be adjusted annually by CPI and does not become effective until July 1. There will be a one-time residential credit of 50 cents, and the elimination of the CARB (state emission mandate) fee of 11 cents for every resident, effective July 1. The CPI will be applied after those amounts are subtracted from the current rate, so long story short, you may actually see a slight decrease or no change at all to your monthly rate depending upon the CPI percentage.

Q. How much more material will be recycled under the new program than currently takes place?

A. Republic Services estimates there will be an increase of 8 percent in trash that will be diverted from the landfills. The new program will offer a contaminant-free stream of trash. Under the old program, all trash was tossed into one container, allowing for the contamination of recyclable material.

Q. As part of the new contract, Republic Services will increase the amount of money it gives to community programs from $26,000 to $62,5000 annually. Where does this money come from? Is it the result of a hidden tax?

A. Republic Services new contract allows them to continue its franchise agreement with the City. An exclusive franchise with the City generates a franchise fee that is paid by Republic Services - not the customers - for the right and privilege to collect, transport and dispose of all solid waste generated within the franchise area. There are no hidden fees, no kickbacks and no hidden taxes. Republic Services has partnered well with the City and wants to continue that long-standing relationship by providing nothing but the highest of service.

Q. Under the new contract, will Republic Services continue to pick up my Christmas tree after the holidays at no extra charge?

A. Absolutely! The Christmas tree recycling service in the old agreement will continue in the new agreement, with the addition of a two-week period following the holiday in which residents will be permitted to place all the trash they desire at the curb that was generated during the holiday season.

Q. Under the new program, when can we expect to get new carts?

A. Distribution of the carts started May 20 and it will take approximately eight weeks to complete the distribution citywide.

Q. What If I have other questions?

A. Please Republic Services Customer Services at (714) 238-2444 or the City of Fullerton at (714) 738-6573.