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Home Occupation

Home Occupation

Fullerton Home Occupation Business applicants only

Section 15.17.030(M) of the Fullerton Municipal Code regulates businesses based out of the home. Included within these regulations are requirements that no on-site sales occur, no non-resident of the premises is employed on site, no direct outdoor storage occur, and no increase in pedestrian or vehicular traffic occur as a result of the business. Signature of the applicant on the Business Registration Application acknowledges the existence of the requirements and agrees to comply with them.

Following are eleven of the basic Home Occupation Requirements. For a complete viewing of the regulation see FMC Section 15.17.030(M).

  1. There shall be no employment of persons other than members of the resident family who permanently reside on the premises.
  2. There shall be no direct sales on the premises.
  3. There shall be no more than one room in the dwelling used for the home occupation.
  4. There shall be no outside storage of material or stock in trade. Storage of necessary supplies may be permitted in the garage provided said storage does not diminish the required parking space(s) in the garage.
  5. No use of materials or equipment other than those associated with a normal household use or hobby shall be permitted on site.
  6. Neither the interior nor the exterior of the residence shall be altered or remodeled for home occupation purposes.
  7. The non residential use shall not be evident from outside the residence due to sounds, odors, vibrations, etc.
  8. There shall be no signs or structures related to the business maintained anywhere on the site. No vehicles shall be kept on site except as otherwise permitted in a residential zone.
  9. The use shall not generate pedestrian traffic beyond that normally associated with a residential zone.
  10. There shall be no customers on site at any time.
  11. There shall be no use of commercial vehicles for the delivery of materials to or from the premises, except those vehicles normally making residential deliveries, i.e., UPS, Federal Express, etc.