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Council Member Bruce Whitaker

Council Member Bruce Whitaker

Bruce Whitaker
Bruce Whitaker

Bruce Whitaker
Council Member


Council Member Bruce Whitaker was elected to a two-year term on the Fullerton City Council in November 2010. He later served in 2012 as Mayor Pro-Tem.  In November 2012 he was reelected to a full four-year term, and was chosen by the Council to serve as Mayor for 2013. In November 2016 Whitaker again won reelection, and once again was unanimously selected as Mayor for 2017. Prior to being elected to the Fullerton City Council, Bruce Whitaker had served for three years as a Fullerton Planning Commissioner.

Council Member Whitaker currently serves as Director, District 10 of the Orange County Water District Board; the Santa Ana River Flood Protection Agency; the Water Advisory Committee of Orange County; the Santa Ana Watershed Project Authority and the A.C.C.O.C.  Legislative and Regulatory Committee.

Additionally, Council Member Whitaker serves as one of seven board members of the Orange County Oversight Board to which he was appointed in 2012 by the O. C. Board of Supervisors.  He earlier served as a Board Member of the Orange County Vector Control District.

Council Member Whitaker previously worked in state government as District Director of the California State Assembly office representing the cities of north Orange County.  He also served in county government as Policy Advisor at the County of Orange Board of Supervisors from 2003 to 2010. While at the county of Orange (in 2004), Bruce Whitaker was honored to receive the “Donald” award as Orange County Legislative Staffer of the Year.  For more than eleven years, he served as Statewide Coordinator of M.O.R.R. (Municipal Officials for Redevelopment Reform).

Prior to employment in public service, for more than twenty years, Whitaker held executive positions as Controller, Chief Financial Manager of a local retail firm and as Administrator of a local Medical Center. 

In efforts to help the County of Orange emerge from bankruptcy in 1994-96, Whitaker was appointed by the Orange County Board of Supervisors and served on three official committees; the Orange County Management Audit Oversight Committee; the O.C. Salary and Benefits Review Committee; and the Ad Hoc Steering Committee on Privatization.

Council Member Whitaker founded the Fullerton Association of Concerned Taxpayers (F.A.C.T.) in 1996 and served the first eight years as its President. He and his wife Linda are volunteers and supporters of Habitat for Humanity; Fullerton Cares (autism); Women’s Transitional Living Center (WTLC) and One Legacy/Donate Life among others.

To make an appointment, contact the City Council Office at Fullerton City Hall at (714) 738-6311.

Council Member Bruce Whitaker can be reached at (714) 981-8474 and at bwwhitaker@live.com

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