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Booking Process and Bail


Booking is the process by which the Police Department registers and enters charges against a person believed to have violated the law. The process of booking includes:

  • Recording of the inmate’s personal information and description,
  • photograph (also known as Mug shot),
  • fingerprinting,
  • and a Department of Justice records check.
  • Additionally, personal property and money is taken from the inmate.
  • Inmates are asked a series of medical questions to evaluate their physical and mental health.
  • The jailer conducting the booking provides the inmate with a list of facility rules and items available to the inmate.
  • Finally, the inmate is allowed to make telephone calls in accordance with California Penal Code Section 851.1.

Bail or Bond

All inmates booked in the Fullerton City Jail are eligible to be released on bail or bond, unless specified by warrant, court order, bail schedule, or the level of the inmate’s intoxication makes it unsafe to release the inmate.

The bail schedule is established pursuant to the Uniform Bail Procedures Committee and approved by the judges of the Superior Court of California, County of Orange. You can view the Bail Schedule at: http://www.occourts.org/directory/criminal/felonybailsched.pdf

Note: The bails may be adjusted at the direction of the Superior Court of California, County of Orange.


The deposit of Cash, Cashier’s Check, Money Order, or Personal Check from a California Bank ($5,000 limit on personal checks). Deposited monies will be returned after the appearance of the individual bailed out and according to the rules established by the court receiving the bail. All checks and money orders are to be made payable to “North Justice Center” unless specified differently.


The deposit of a Surety Bond by a Licensed Bail Bond Company for the amount of the bail. The Fullerton Police Department and its Jail employees will not recommend any specific Bail Bond Company. Bail Bond Companies can be located in the telephone book and they can provide specific’s regarding fees and cost associated with the use of their services.

For any other questions or inquires regarding the Fullerton Police Department Jail, you can contact us at 714.738.6579 or 714.738.6722.

Court Ordered Bookings

  • Court Order Bookings are accepted on a first come first serve basis.
  • Booking hours are Monday – Friday, 8:00 A.M. - 8:00 P.M., as jail business allows.
  • No appointments are taken.
  • When completing a Court Order Booking, please remember to bring your Court Minute Order and Government issued Identification.

Arrestee Information

To determine if a person is currently housed at the Fullerton City Jail you need to call 714.738.6722.

Inmate information for the Orange County Jail can be found at: http://www.ocsd.org/InmateInfo/InmateSearch.asp or by calling the County Jail at 714.647.7000.

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