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Downtown Plaza

Downtown Plaza

Facilities:RestroomShaded Seating
On-site parkingInteractive Fountain
BandstandMuseum Center
Location: 125 E. Wilshire Avenue
Opened: 1999
Acre: 1.15 (plaza)
Fullerton Downtown Plaza

Fullerton Downtown Plaza is a 1.2 acre space surrounding the Fullerton Museum Center. The plaza has a celebratory feel with its entry monuments and arches, large freestanding pilasters, decorative paving, colorful banners, outdoor stage, and playful fountain. The plaza provides plenty of tree shaded seating below a grove of Gold Medallion Trees.

The Downtown plaza is the site of the Downtown Fullerton Market, occurring on Thursday afternoons from April to October. The Market features a variety of fresh produce, flowers, arts and crafts, live entertainment, and a beer garden where residents gather to shop, eat, play and socialize.

Downtown Plaza Map