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Storm Drains

Report a Clogged Storm Drain

Only Rain in the Drain

Do not hose down your driveway, sidewalk or patio to the street, gutter or storm drain. Sweep up debris and dispose of it in the trash.

  • Take your vehicle to a commercial car wash whenever possible. If you wash your vehicle at home, choose soaps, cleaners or detergents labeled non-toxic, phosphate free or biodegradable. Excess wash water should be disposed of in the sanitary sewer (through a sink or toilet) or onto an absorbent surface like your lawn.
  • Monitor vehicles for leaks and place a pan under leaks. Keep your vehicles well maintained to stop and prevent leaks.
  • Never pour oil or antifreeze in the street, gutter or storm drain.
  • When watering your lawn and garden, do not over-water causing water to flow onto driveway or sidewalk.
  • Do not rake or blow leaves into the street; put them in your Yard Waste Only bin. Contact the City’s Environmental Programs to obtain additional stickers to mark your containers.
  • Follow directions on pesticides and fertilizers and do not use if rain is predicted within 48 hours.
  • Always pick up after your pet. Flush waste down the toilet or dispose in the trash. Pet waste, if left outdoors, can wash into the street, gutter or storm drain.
  • Storm Water Program
  • 10 Ways You Can Prevent Storm Water Pollution
  • Used Oil Collection Centers in Fullerton
  • Report a Water Pollution Problem

For more information on pollution prevention programs, call the City of Fullerton Engineering Department at 714-738-6845.

No Drugs Down the Drain

Unused prescriptions and over-the-counter medications that are put in drains or flushed down the toilet pollute the environment. Please take medication as prescribed and dispose of unused portions properly. Unused medications should be:

  1. Taken to a household hazardous waste collection center or event (no controlled substances allowed).
  2. Put in a sturdy, securely sealed container, then in a trash can where children and animals cannot reach them.

For more information visit www.nodrugsdownthedrain.org.

Keep Our Streets and Drains Clean

Stormwater/Wastewater Program

Unlike sewage, which goes to treatment plants, urban runoff flows untreated through the storm drain system. Anything thrown, swept or poured into the street, gutter or a catch basin (the curbside openings that lead into the storm drain system) can flow directly into our channels, creeks, bays and ocean. This includes pollutants like trash, pet waste, cigarette butts, motor oil, anti-freeze, runoff from pesticides and fertilizers, paint from brushes and containers rinsed in the gutter and toxic household chemicals.

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