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The Fullerton Plan

InformationĀ about theĀ Housing Element Update

The Fullerton Plan, adopted May 1, 2012, serves as Fullerton's General Plan pursuant to State law, but goes beyond California's General Plan Guidelines. The Fullerton Plan serves as a City governance tool focused on achieving The Fullerton Vision by aligning City efforts, reaching out to partners in Fullerton and the region, and engaging the Fullerton community ... read more from the Introduction.

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Part I: The Fullerton Vision

Part II: The Fullerton Plan Elements

A: The Fullerton Built Environment

B: The Fullerton Economy

C: The Fullerton Community

D: The Fullerton Natural Environment

E: Tables and Exhibits


The Fullerton Built Environment

The Fullerton Community

The Fullerton Natural Environment

Part III: The Fullerton Implementation Strategy


Appendices Volume I

Appendix A: Consistency Table

Appendix B: Zoning Diagnostic

Appendix C: Changes to Community Development Types

Appendices Volume II

Appendix D: Economic Trends and Key Issues

Appendix E: Target Industry Analysis

Appendix F: Public Revenue Analysis

Appendices Volume III

Appendix G: Bicycle Master Plan

Appendix H: Housing Element

Appendix I: Local Hazard Mitigation Plan

Appendices Volume IV

Appendix J: Community Outreach Notes

Appendix K - Telephone Survey

Appendix L: Meeting Minutes

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