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City Lights SRO Advisory Committee Meeting Minutes

City Lights SRO Advisory Committee Meeting Minutes

Meeting Called to Order:

Meeting called to order at 4:10 P.M.

Members Present:

Paul Andresen, Glenna Axe, Sunbie Harrell, Carolyn Johnson,
William McGarvey III (late arrival)

Members Absent:


Staff Present:

Linda R. Morad, Housing Programs Supervisor
Steve Alvarado, HCD Inspector
Kim Husereau, Clerical Assistant III

Project Management:

Eric Miller, On-Site Manager, Fullerton City Lights SRO
Lisa Stern, Assistant Manager, Fullerton City Lights SRO

A. Roll Call

Vice Chairman Andresen called the meeting to order, conducted a brief roll call and confirmed that a quorum was present.

B. Approval of Minutes

Vice Chairman Andresen confirmed that all members had received and reviewed the March 9, 2006 Minutes.

A MOTION was made by Committee Member Axe, SECONDED by Member Johnson, and CARRIED unanimously by the Members present to APPROVE the Minutes of March 9, 2006.

C. Discussion Of Work Program/Activities

Chairman McGarvey arrived at this time.

1. Report on Quarterly Inspections / City Staff Report

City of Fullerton HCD Inspector Steve Alvarado reviewed the Semi-annual Housing Inspection Report generated from his on-site inspections conducted April 17–20, 2006.Numerous minor repair and housekeeping items were noted such as ice build-up in freezers, soiled carpeting and egress concerns inside individual units.Matters of greater urgency included improperly functioning fire doors and drywall repair pending from recently replaced heater units.Inspector Alvarado also noted that 30 heater units had failed to function properly during his inspection.All items are subject to re-inspection on May 24-26, 2006 to confirm correction.Inspector Alvarado added that he will continue to monitor the progress of replacing non-working heater units, including the necessity to inspect proper closure of drywall opened during installation.

Mr. Miller remarked of his surprise to learn that 30 heating units were not functioning.He stated that he had received only two complaints from residents pertaining to non-operational heating units and wondered if perhaps the remote controls were the source of the problem, rather than the units themselves. He requested Inspector Alvarado to assist him with reviewing the outstanding repairs related to the heater/AC units so that he may become better informed about the corrections that need to be made. Mr. Miller advised the Committee that the Maintenance Supervisor recently separated from employment. Mr. Miller stated that interviews were being conducted to fill the open maintenance position and anticipated that a selection would be finalized by mid-May.

Member Andresen observed that the resolution to the heater/AC repairs no longer seemed to involve a lack of responsiveness on the part of the building ownership.He expressed his expectation that perhaps improved communication about the repairs would quickly resolve the matter.

Chairman McGarvey questioned whether all the items listed on the inspection report could be corrected prior to the upcoming re-inspection.Mr. Miller responded optimistically and added that some items had already been addressed.Noting that during the week prior, the carpets were cleaned and walls painted in all the common areas and hallways.

2. Emergency Reponses

Ms. Morad reviewed the statistics provided by the Police and Fire departments regarding calls for service at the SRO during the period January through April, 2006.The calls were minor in nature and numbered within an acceptable range.

3. Discussion

Ms. Morad advised the Committee of a complaint she received from a long-term SRO resident that had recently become eligible for Section 8 rental assistance and had been told he must move to another unit within the building.She asked Mr. Miller to pursue whatever options may be available in order to avoid the need for relocation.Mr. Miller agreed to investigate further and advise Ms. Morad of the resolution.

Q: What is the current vacancy rate?

A: Mr. Miller responded that there are seven vacancies (95% occupancy) and applications are currently being processed to fill the vacancies.Ms. Stern added that they have recently been working with the Arbor Housing organization to assist individuals seeking to establish independent living.

Q: Is the Pitbull dog still residing at the SRO?

A: Mr. Miller stated that the Pitbull had recently been adopted by a family member and was removed from the premises.

D. Next Meeting Date

Chairman McGarvey proposed that the Committee meet on June 1, 2006 in order to return to the original calendar of meeting dates and convene in a timely manner with regard to the semi-annual inspections of the SRO by the Committee members; to be conducted in July. The Members unanimously agreed.

E. Public Comments

No public comment.

Meeting Adjourned:

With no further business, Chairman McGarvey adjourned the meeting at 4:40PM.