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Fullerton City Lights Citizen SRO Advisory Committee Minutes April 1, 2004

Fullerton City Lights Citizen SRO Advisory Committee Minutes April 1, 2004

Meeting Minutes April 1, 2004 4:00PM

Meeting Called to Order:

Chairman McGarvey called meeting to order at 4:19 p.m.

Roll Call

Members Present: William McGarvey, Paul Andresen, Carolyn Johnson
Members Absent: Glenna Axe
Staff Present: Linda R. Morad, Housing Programs Supervisor
Guillermina Torrico, Clerical Assistant III
Project Management: Tamasa Alvarado, Manager, Fullerton City Lights
Gabriela Michel, Solari Enterprises, Inc.

Approval of Minutes

Chairman McGarvey confirmed Members had received and reviewed February 5, 2004 minutes.

Committee Member Andresen had a correction on minutes regarding the agency conducting the sprinkler inspection. He stated that the agency was not the Fire Department but a Private Sprinkler System Company and asked that the minutes be amended with the correction.

A MOTION was Made by Committee Member Andresen, SECONDED by Committee Member Johnson, and CARRIED by members present to APPROVE the minutes of February 5, 2004 as amended.

Introduction of New Member

Ms. Morad informed the Committee that City Clerks office had advised Staff that the newly appointed members participation was uncertain due to an unexpected family circumstance.

She indicated that staff would communicate any further information to Committee on Mr. OConnors participation as soon as City Clerk confirmed status.

Election of Officers

Chairman McGarvey asked if an election could still take place in spite of not all members being present. Ms. Morad confirmed that elections could be conducted since they did have a quorum.

Committee Member Johnson nominated William McGarvey III as Chairman. A MOTION was Made by Committee Member Johnson, SECONDED by Committee Member Andresen, and CARRIED by members present to ELECT William McGarvey III as Chairman of the SRO.

Chairman McGarvey nominated Paul Andresen as Vice Chairperson of the SRO. A MOTION was Made by Chairman McGarvey, SECONDED by Committee Member Johnson, and CARRIED by members present to ELECT Paul Andresen as Vice Chairperson of the SRO.

Ms. Morad advised that Staff is there for assistance and administers the Committee by preparing the agendas, providing minutes, and creating the schedules.

Discussion of Work Program/Activities

  1. Quarterly Inspection Report

    Ms. Morad advised that Quarterly Inspections would be conducted by City Staff next week. The inspections will be performed from April 5 April 8, 2004 by Mike Austin, City Inspector. He will be training a new Housing Division Building Inspector, Richard Eldridge, who will be staffed by Housing and Community Development on a part-time basis.

    Ms. Morad stated that Mr. Eldridge would be assisting with the affordable housing inspections this year due to the increased work load. She indicated that Mr. Eldridge was a qualified building inspector with previous experience in the field with both City and County agencies. Mr. Austin will train by Mr. Eldridge on Monday so that he may finish off the remaining three days on his own.

    Chairman McGarvey asked Ms. Morad if the inspectors would be using any type of guidelines during the inspections.

    Ms. Morad stated that the inspectors focus would be mainly on Code Item guidelines but they would also inspect for cosmetic issues.

    Chairman McGarvey asked Facility Management if the painting announced at the previous meeting had been completed.

    Ms. Michel stated that the painting was complete. Ms. Alvarado advised that the painting was only done to the exterior and that the balconies, the court yard, and wrought iron were done.

    Ms. Johnson expressed her pride in the City for taking care of this building and also thanked Building Management.

    Chairman McGarvey asked if there were any other topics related to building issues or maintenance.

    Member Andresen asked regarding occupancy, and Building Management confirmed that occupancy is still at one-hundred percent with a constant waiting list.

    Ms. Michel announced that the facilities would be having a rent increase that would take effect May 1, 2004 and letters communicating the increase were mailed on April 1, 2004. She stated that the increase would be as follows:

    1. For the 30% income limits, the increase would be $9
    2. For the 40% % income limits, the increase would be $11
    3. For the 45-60%% income limits, the increase would be 3%
    4. The maximum rent amount is $397, which is based on median gross income.

    Committee Member Andresen confirmed that these increases fall within guidelines and asked why no increases were made last year. Ms. Michel explained that no increases were made last year because the State Income Guidelines had not changed and that above increases fell within the Department of Housing and Urban Developments (HUD) approved guidelines. Building Management uses State Income Limits as opposed to HUD income limits.

  2. Emergency Responses

    Ms. Morad distributed the updated Emergency Response to Fullerton Lights Report which depicted a continued downward trend of emergency calls. She stated that for the months of February and March, there was only one call to Fire each month. She explained that there were six calls in to the Police Department in March: One call was for loud music, one was for family disturbance, three calls were suicide attempts, and one call was for attempted rape.

    Ms. Alvarado advised that the suicide-attempt calls were due to two residents with mental problems. She stated that one was a male who had neglected to take his medication and the second was a female who suffered from manic depression and was now on medication and undergoing therapy. She added that the County is coming regularly to check on both of these residents.

    According to Ms. Alvarado, Building Management had no knowledge of any rape call being reported. Ms. Morad stated that calls on the report may not necessarily come from inside the building but are based on calls reported from the 224 E. Commonwealth address. She expressed that perhaps it could have been reported from an outside pay phone or from someone calling from outside of the building.

    Ms. Morad reiterated that even with these additional calls to the Police in March, the number of calls shown on the report is still definitely within the expected results for Fire and/or Police for a building of that size.

    Chairman McGarvey agreed and stated that the facility has come a long way from the days where the Police and Fire departments were at each meeting due to the disordered situations.

Committee Meetings

Chairman McGarvey confirmed that this topic was to determine the frequency of the meetings.

Ms. Morad explained that at the February 5th meeting, the Committee wished to make a motion to have the meeting schedule changed but the item was not on the agenda. She asked Members present to determine how often they want to meet since the Committee is currently set up to meet once a month. She advised that with this topic now on the agenda, the Committee could formally make a motion to approve a change in the schedule.

There was consensus amongst members present that current status of facility did not warrant monthly meetings.

Chairman McGarvey stated that meeting every quarter would be to long of a period. There was discussion amongst members present that it would be too long and the Committee would not be able to respond or act on an emergent situation should any incidents occur during the lapse of time between meetings.

Ms. Morad agreed that this was good and meeting in June would allow the Committee to plan for inspections which would take place in July.

A MOTION was made by Committee Member Andresen to schedule Committee meetings every other month until the end of the 2004 Calendar year; it was SECONDED by Committee Member Johnson, and CARRIED by members present to APPROVE the proposed schedule.

Chairman McGarvey declared that the City Lights Citizen SRO Advisory Committee meetings will be held the first Thursday of every other month. The next meeting will be held Thursday, June 3, 2004.

Non-Agenda Item:

There was further discussion on the rental increase by Building Management who wanted the Committee to be fully aware should anyone ask about the increases. Building Management stated that they do not anticipate losing any residents as a result of the increase since amounts are not substantial.

Ms. Morad added that another reason for not increasing last year might be that at one point rents were raised above the amounts. Building Management advised that three units would get a decrease since there is a rent amount cap of $396 and all rent amounts are based on the income limits.

Ms. Michel stated that a chart with the rental increase information would be e-mailed to Ms. Morad. Upon receipt, staff will forward it to the Committee.

Public Comments

Chairman McGarvey asked if anyone present had any follow up or had read anything in the Observer as a result of Public Comments at last meeting. No follow up was reported by anyone present.

There were no public comments.

Meeting Adjourned

Chairman McGarvey adjourned meeting at 4:40 p.m.