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Staff Review Committee Meeting Minutes NOVEMBER 17, 2005

Staff Review Committee Meeting Minutes NOVEMBER 17, 2005

THURSDAY, 9:00 A.M., NOVEMBER 17, 2005

CALL TO ORDER: Acting Chairman Eastman called the meeting to order at 9:10 a.m.
COMMITTEE MEMBERS PRESENT: Eastman, Tabatabaee, Thompson, Voronel, and Wolff
COMMITTEE MEMBERS ABSENT: Petropulous, and Rosen
OTHERS PRESENT: Jane Collier, applicant


November 3, 2005 minutes APPROVED as written.



PRJ05-00472 - ZON05-00058. APPLICANT: MICHAEL COLLIER; PROPERTY OWNER: STONE PROPERTIES, LLC. A request to install a monopalm wireless communications array and related ground-level equipment enclosure on property located at 1110 West Orangethorpe Avenue (bounded by Orangethorpe, Citrus and Woodcrest Avenues) (C-H zone) (Categorically exempt under Section 15301 of CEQA Guidelines) (AKU)

Planner Kusch introduced the applicant Jane Collier and presented the proposal of a 45-ft. monopole. He reviewed the original comments from the July Staff Review Committee regarding this project:

The location of the antenna did not comply with the setback requirements as it relates to the height of the structure and the setbacks to residential and arterial streets. The applicant revised her plans to meet the code requirements.

Planner Kusch reviewed the setbacks and said they met the code requirements.

Based on the comments from July, the monopole should be stealth and preferably disguised as a palm tree to be similar to the palm trees at the Dodge dealership site. Planner Kusch presented the photo simulations/alternative designs including the palm tree, a slim design and flag pole, as submitted by the applicant.

Planner Kusch expressed concern about the existing wall around the Dodge dealership having razor wire on the top for security purposes. The committee commented on alternatives and the removal of the wire.

Staff asked about the type of alternative fencing might be proposed in lieu of the razor wire. One option: To increase height of wall would pose a number of problems including a taller wall being prone to graffiti.

Structurally speaking, the wall may not be designed to support an additional load in terms of increasing the wall height. In terms of softening the appearance of the wall, as seen from the residents, (South and West) increasing the existing wall may not be an option.

The applicant, at the time, was also concerned about costs of the improvements necessary from the engineering department.

Planner Kusch opened up the floor for discussion.

Committee Member Tabatabaee asked the applicant if she had given thought to doing something different to the wall.

Ms. Collier answered yes stating Nextel was up for any ideas.

Staff discussed various options to building the wall larger and removing the Constantine wire.

Acting Chairman Eastman stated if there was a 6 or 8 ft high block wall, it would be difficult for someone to get over the wall and climb the fence, so the Constantine wire could be eliminated.

Committee Member Voronel asked about adding 3-ft. of wrought iron to increase the iron burke can increase height, give some aesthetic screening and prohibit people from jumping over the wall.

The applicant said Nextel would have to obtain an agreement from the property owner, but as long as they felt they had the security they needed, they would probably agree to the recommendations.

Planner Kusch reviewed the zoning ordinances regarding the maximum height for the wall.

Acting Chairman Eastman stated his preference would be to have an 8-ft. wall, since it's more difficult to climb. His concern would be how to make the wall more aesthetically pleasing.

Acting Chairman Eastman asked the applicant where the additional antenna would be placed in the pineapple enclosure when a future wireless carrier co-locates.

Ms. Collier answered that an additional carrier would be at the same location and height. She said if they would do a fan palm, Sprint and Nextel would go together, if another carrier would come in they would have to place their antenna on the outside of the bark tree with the fan palm.

Committee Member Tabatabaee said the plans were an improvement from the last one.

Acting Chairman Eastman said the conditions of approval were fine.

Planner Kusch asked for clarification on the conditions. He asked if it's necessary to remove a block wall considering the relevant cost, than to go with a split-face.

Acting Chairman Eastman said they could add additional height to the existing wall to match or remove the wall.

Committee Member Voronel said the lifted sidewalk could not be replaced without the tree removal, and a new tree would have to be planted, along Woodcrest. Although public improvements need only be limited to 10 percent of the work Engineering was confident the 10% would cover the required street improvement.

Committee Member Tabatabaee asked if the cost exceeds the 10 percent to do the whole thing, would Committee Member Voronel prefer the tree removal first and if there's money left over to do the sidewalk?

Committee Member Voronel said yes.

Planner Kusch asked Ms. Collier if she understood the situation. She reiterated the comments made by staff.

Planner Kusch explained the 10-day appeal process to the applicant.

MOTION made by Committee Member Tabatabaee. SECONDED by Committee Member Voronel to APPROVE the project with the conditions stated below: (Resolution No. 434). Passed unanimously
  • The monopole shall be designed to have the appearance of a palm tree as indicated on the submitted plans. The artificial fronds shall screen the antenna array from public view.

  • The monopole and lease area shall be designed to accommodate the antenna and equipment of a second antenna or cellular carrier.

  • The height of the perimeter wall fronting Woodcrest Avenue and Citrus Avenue shall be increased to 8'-0". The added wall shall match the materials of the existing wall. If necessary, the existing wall may be replaced with a decorative block wall. The existing concertina fence material shall be removed.

  • The uplifted sidewalk on Woodcrest Avenue shall be repaired to the satisfaction of the Director of Engineering. If deemed necessary, existing trees along Woodcrest Avenue shall be removed and replaced. Replacement tree species shall be determined by the City's Maintenance Department.

  • The building ID shall meet the requirements of the Fullerton Fire Department Standard No. 7.

  • Provide approved Knox key box for enclosed equipment area to meet requirements of Fullerton Fire Department Standard No. 24.

  • The equipment and antenna installation shall not be placed in any required exit pathway or any Fire Department access.

  • If a generator is installed on site, a separate plan review and permit is required from the Fullerton Fire Department. Hazardous materials, including battery fluid or fuel for generators, shall be reviewed and approved by the Fullerton Fire Department.

  • All corrections generated by the plan check process shall be incorporated as conditions of approval.