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RDRC Minutes February 24, 2005

RDRC Minutes February 24, 2005


Thursday February 24, 2005 4:00 PM


The meeting was called to order at 4:09 PM by Chairman Daybell


COMMITTEE MEMBERS PRESENT: Chairman Daybell; Committee Members Coffman, Duncan and Johnson
PUBLIC PRESENT: Patricia Rea, Michelle Alfieri, DiPak Govind, Rick Crane, Al Wisharp, Greg Knapp, Mark Blumer, David T. Quezada
STAFF PRESENT: Chief Planner Rosen, Associate Planner Eastman, Assistant Planners Kusch and Sowers


The minutes for January 27 and February 3, 2005 minutes were approved as written by members present.



(Continued from January 27, 2005).

Assistant Planner Kusch explained that at the January 26, 2005 RDRC meeting, the Committee had some concerns regarding the architectural and landscape plans for the proposed restaurant, Farmer Boys. After meeting with Members Silber and Coffman, the applicant believes the building design incorporates the Committees comments. The applicant has submitted revised plans.

The following design changes have been made:

  1. The bulky roof elements on the west and north elevations have been eliminated and a canopy has been re-introduced over the drive- through lane next to the pick-up window. The canopy will support signage for the north and south elevations. The support for the canopy has been treated with a stone veneer to match the columns of the building and complement the adjacent Automobile Club.

  2. A trellis will be implemented over the drive-through. The trellis will reduce the patio on the east side of the building by two feet. The set back will not change.

  3. A sidewalk leading from the restaurant to the parking lot will be provided so that people can exit without disturbing the landscaping.

  4. One tree will be replaced with a drought tolerant tree.

  5. Landscaping will screen the drive-through menu board from the Harbor right-of-way.

Staff recommends approval at this time.

Public Hearing Opened.

Hank Lowinger, construction manager for Farmers Boys, clarified that in the area of the trellis, the drive aisle will be narrowed from 12 feet to 10 feet to allow space for the columns that sustain the trellis.

Al Wishard, architect for the Farmer Boys project, explained that although Committee Member Coffman suggests reducing the covering over the canopy down to the level of the parapet wall, Mr. Wishard felt it was important to keep the covering up at least two feet. His reasoning is due to the large K rack unit that carries all the compressors for the walk-in boxes.

Member Duncan asked Mr. Wishard regarding the eastside landscaping around the patio. Mr. Lowinger stated that there would be a 2- foot x 2-foot saw cut type detailed paving. The patio will have table and chairs.

Public Hearing Closed.

Committee Member Coffman expressed that he was pleased that the applicant took the Committees suggestions and acknowledged how hard they worked on the revisions brought to the meeting today. Member Coffman was satisfied that the applicant made the necessary changes to satisfy the RDRC Committee.

Member Johnson indicated that he thought the trellis was a nice addition and was in support of the project as proposed.

Member Duncan stated that he was in favor of the architectural changes and he too thought the trellis was a nice addition. He suggested refining the patio area; he believed that area looked somewhat unfinished. Other than that, he was in support of the project as proposed.

Chairman Daybell reiterated the need to decorate the patio. He suggested using potted plants and other decorative items to spruce up the look of the patio.

Chairman Daybell called for a motion.

A motion was made by Member Duncan, seconded by Member Johnson and carried by members present to approve PRJ04-00647 ZON04-00064, with the condition that there will be a more detailed design showing how the patio and parking areas are separate. The motion passes unanimously. The revised patio design will meet with Staffs approval.

Staff recommends continuing Item 2, PRJ03-00671 PM2003-211 and Item 3, PRJ04-01094 ZON04-00108 to a future meeting.

A motion made by Member Johnson and seconded by Member Duncan to continue Items 2 and 3 to a future date. The motion was approved unanimously by members present.


Assistant Planner Sowers reported that the applicant is proposing to add a two story detached structure to the rear of the property. There will be a two car garage approximately 880 square feet. The second floor which is a two bedroom dwelling unit will be approximately 890 square feet. Access will be taken from the alley. This project is before the RDRC Committee due to it being in a Community Improvement District zone. The new structure is proposed to match the existing Spanish style structure. To reduce the massing of the two story structure, architecture is proposing to off set the second story from the first with the exception of the distance of the deck from the side which complies with the zoning code.

Staff is recommending approval of the project subject to conditions outlined in the Staff Report.

Public Hearing Opened.

Chairman Daybell questioned Mr. Blumer about the lighting in the alley. Mr. Blumer stated that there was no longer an over hang at the alley, the wall goes straight up. He is willing to implement some decorative architectural lighting but there is no place to put recessed lighting.

Mr. Quezada, owner of the property, explained that the alley behind the property has an existing light that illuminates the area very nicely.

Committee Member Johnson questioned Mr. Blumer regarding whether the existing house will be painted to match the new structure. Mr. Blumer replied that both existing and new structures will be painted.

Mr. Blumer informed the Committee of the new changes proposed for the project:

  • The private yard has been pushed over to provide a Fire Department approved four-foot wide walkway.

  • The whole unit has been moved from three and one-half feet to four feet off the property line.

  • The second floor has been pushed back so it does not cantilever off the alley.

Public Hearing Closed.

Committee Member Johnson shared how impressed he always is with Crane Architecture presentations. He was in support of the project as presented.

Committee Member Duncan stated he believes the design of the new building complements the design of the existing building very well. He was in support of the project as presented.

Committee Members Coffman and Daybell concurred with Members Johnson and Duncan and expressed their support of the project as presented.

Chairman Daybell called for a motion.

A motion was made by Member Duncan and seconded by Member Coffman to approve PRJ05-00081 ZON05-00004 subject to the conditions contained in the Staff Report. The motion was approved unanimously by members present.




There being no further business, the meeting was adjourned at 5:05 PM.