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RDRC Minutes December 22, 2005

RDRC Minutes December 22, 2005


Thursday December 22, 2005 4:00 PM


The meeting was called to order at 4:05 PM by Chairman Daybell


COMMITTEE MEMBERS PRESENT: Chairman Daybell; Committee Members Duncan and Hoban
COMMITTEE MEMBERS ABSENT: Committee Member Cha, One vacant seat
PUBLIC PRESENT: Guillermo Acevedo, Tom Dalton, Kevin Kim, Gracie Martinez, Stephen Martinez, and Young Shin,
STAFF PRESENT: Associate Planner Allen, Senior Planner Eastman, Assistant Planner Kusch, Clerical Staff Leopold, and Chief Planner Rosen


MOTION made by Duncan, SECONDED by Hoban to approve October 20 and November 10 minutes, as written.






1. PRJ04-00606 - CUP-776C - ZON04-00061. APPLICANT: YOUNG SHIN; PROPERTY OWNER: FULLERTON PRESBYTERIAN CHURCH. A request for a Site Plan and a modification to an existing Conditional Use Permit for a church that would include the replacement of a 2,720 sq. ft. building with a 10,486 sq. ft. two story building serving as a fellowship hall and children's activity center on property located at 1818 W. Avenue (generally located on the corner of Brookhurst and West) (O-P Zone) (Categorically Exempt under Section 15332 of the CEQA Guidelines).(AK)

Assistant Planner Kusch gave a staff report on the project with staff recommendations.

Assistant Planner Kusch stated there is an existing above-ground electrical vault in the required front landscape setback along Brookhurst Road. The vault is located in the required landscape setback along Brookhurst Road. It will need to be screened with landscaping. Staff asked the Committee for suggestions on how to provide landscaped screening, but still provide access to the vault.

He reviewed recommended conditions in the report and asked the Committee for recommendations on how to improve the architecture, as well as any suggested improvements or landscape species for the intended landscape areas.

A recommendation on this item will be forwarded to the Planning Commission at their meeting on January 11, 2006.

Chairman Daybell asked if there was a way to underground the existing overhead power lines, located on the northerly side of the sanctuary by the parking lot. Chief Planner Rosen answered the City has an undergrounding ordinance and would require all service to this property to be brought underground.

Committee Member Duncan asked why the exterior stairs were moved. Assistant Planner Kusch said the stairs were reduced in width since they were too close to the property line to meet zoning code requirements. He mentioned that the zoning ordinance indicates that a building for a religious institution should be setback 30 feet to a property line shared with a residential zone.

Committee Member Hoban asked the height of the existing sanctuary. The applicant answered the roof is 26 ft. with the proposed building having a 28 ft. tall parapet to screen the AC units and utilities.

Public hearing opened.

Young Shin, the applicant, was present. She said the church needs more space for children's activities, so they are providing them upstairs; and a higher building is needed for the fellowship hall activities. The first floor would be 14 ft. in height and the second floor 12 ft. in height, with the parapet on the top.

The applicant was asked by the Committee if there was a way to rotate the building 90 degrees and have an entrance toward West Avenue with the staircase relocated to the east elevation. She said she would prefer to have the main entrance on West Avenue. Chief Planner Rosen stated staff's original recommendation was to orient the building toward West Avenue.

Chairman Daybell requested clarification on the colors recommended for the project. Senior Planner Eastman stated it was his understanding that the building would match the existing building. However, the applicant provided the RDRC a palette of colors, which identified a primary color that was a shade of light green, with blue accents.

Senior Planner Eastman asked the applicant if she read the conditions listed in the staff report. She answered yes.

Public hearing closed.

Committee Member Hoban said he was okay with staff's recommendations and the project. He said the architecture should be consistent between the two buildings. He recommended rotating the building and placing the front entrance toward West Avenue. Perhaps it could be conditioned subject to compliance with zoning and building. He added, if the building is rotated, a more dramatic and significant staircases can be provided along the east elevation. He said he was okay with the colors. Committee Member Hoban said he thought the building would be more off white, which is the direction he would go, with the accents of the "foam" color. The plant life should be consistent with the other building, including Washingtonian Palms and Flax. He would not recommend constructing structures around the above-ground electrical vault, but would put more planting and let the flax grow out.

Committee Member Duncan agreed with Committee Member Hoban regarding the plant material, and screening of the existing equipment. With regard to the architecture, the elevations are fine. On the south side of the building, he said if the access through there is not vehicular then they can provide more landscaping and make it more of a pedestrian environment with a garden setting. He mentioned that increasing the depth of the planters would allow for more substantive landscaping. He commented that there is an opportunity at the rear of the proposed building to get more landscaping and provide screening to the neighboring residential properties. Committee Member Duncan said he is okay either way regarding the rotation of the building, since the applicant has provided the treatments to the facade along West Avenue. He agreed with staff's recommendations, but stated the only recommendation, on his part, was to increase the landscaping on the backside (South side).

Chairman Daybell agreed with Committee Member Duncan's comments. If it's affordable, he recommended revising the south side as a courtyard with landscaping and different colored concrete, which is currently black top. It has a nice potential for a courtyard area. He said he would like to see more articulation of the roof line. The colors should be chosen by the applicant, but he agrees that tying the colors between the sanctuary and the new two-story building is preferable. Chairman Daybell supports the project and staff's recommendations.

Public hearing opened.

The architect, Kevin Kim, expressed his interest with the courtyard recommendations, but said he was concerned with the church's budget.

Chairman Daybell told the applicant to consider more of a setback on the building, about 3 more feet away from the street. Therefore, there would be an opportunity to enhance the entrance. He expressed this as only a suggestion; not a condition.

The applicant agreed with adding more landscaping, but not a courtyard.

Senior Planner Eastman stated, for clarity of the applicant, there is no appeal of this decision. It is the Committee's recommendation to the Planning Commission, who will make the final decision, unless appealed to the City Council. He told the applicant that if the church decides to rotate the building, plans will need to be revised prior to the Planning Commission meeting.

Public hearing closed.

MOTION made by Committee Member Duncan, SECONDED by Committee Member Hoban to approve the project with staff's recommendations. Passed unanimously.

2. PRJ05-00802 - ZON05-00117. APPLICANT: STEPHEN MARTINEZ; PROPERTY OWNER: GRACIELA MARTINEZ. A request for design review for a proposed single family residence remodel consisting of a new front porch, alteration of the roof structure, the addition of exterior siding and installation of new windows at a property located in a residential preservation overlay zone at 434 W. Jacaranda Avenue (located on the south side of Jacaranda Place between approximately 130 and 175 feet east of the southeast corner of Richman Avenue and Jacaranda Place) (R-1 Zone) (Categorically Exempt under Section 15332 of the CEQA Guidelines). (JE)

Senior Planner Eastman presented the staff report. He stated staff is in recommendation of this project with conditions.

Committee Member Duncan asked for clarification about the comment made regarding the columns on the front porch. Senior Planner Eastman showed Committee Member Duncan where the porch floor is recessed behind the face of the pilasters on the plans. Staff recommends the columns be integrated into the porch. Senior Planner Eastman said that staff would support columns flush with the patio face, or the pilasters being brought out 50 percent of the width of the pilaster.

Public hearing opened.

The applicant Stephen Martinez was present. He is willing to comply with what staff recommends to get the project started.

Chairman Daybell asked Senior Planner Eastman if he and Mr. Martinez were comfortable with the Committee providing a recommendation to move forward without taking the project back to them. Senior Planner Eastman answered yes.

Mr. Martinez commented on some of the staff's recommendations and said that within 5 years he would like to redo the entire house completely, but this is the first phase.

Committee Member Duncan asked Mr. Martinez if at any point he knew what direction he would move in regards to staff's comments on the roof. Mr. Martinez said he would like to install the front portion of the roof, in order to install the gadle and make the house look a little bit more traditional. He said he would like to have a pitched roof.

Tom Dalton, Fullerton Heritage president, said he applauds Mr. Martinez for doing this project. He asked if there was garage? Mr. Martinez said there is no garage door, but he pointed out that there is a garage that is used for storage because there is very limited space for a car. Senior Planner Eastman identified that the house had to maintain the existing garage as a garage, even if it is too small. The City couldn't force anyone to park in the garage, but the Code requires that it be available as a garage. He explained that there would be code problems if it would be used as a habitable space.

Public hearing closed.

Committee Member Duncan supported the project with staff recommendations. The applicant is well intentioned and this project will have a positive impact on the neighborhood.

Committee Member Hoban agreed with Committee Member Duncan's comments.

Chairman Daybell commended the applicant for the undertaking of this project.

MOTION made by Committee Member Duncan, SECONDED by Committee Member Hoban to APPROVE with staff recommendations and conditions. All in favor. Passed unanimously.


3. PRJ04-00840 - ZON04-00084. APPLICANT: JEFF DOTTERWEICH; PROPERTY OWNER: PACIFIC TELEPHONE. Minor Development Project to determine consistency with previously approved project. Located at 143 E. Amerige Ave. (HAL)

Associate Planner Allen provided a staff report.

SBC Project Managaer, Guilllermo Acevedo, said the condition of the building would make it very difficult to install the rock panels that they originally anticipated installing. He provided a sample of the proposed brick veneer. They considered using the brick found under the existing exterior but that was deemed unfeasible

Senior Planner Eastman said staff was comfortable with the sample that Mr. Acevedo brought to the Committee even though it was darker than the stone originally approved.

Committee Member Hoban approved to move forward with a brick veneer.

Committee Member Duncan said that the addition to the brick along the bases will look awesome. He made a recommendation that the applicant use a darker red color for the brick to more closely replicate an older brick.

Chairman Daybell said he liked the brick better than the other material. He would not like to see a non-brick color used at this point. He recommended using something closer to the historic brick colors seen throughout old downtown buidings.

MOTION made by Committee Member Hoban, SECONDED by Committee Member Duncan to APPROVE with staff recommendations. Passed unanimously.

4. PRJ03-00095 - ZON05-00118. APPLICANT AND PROPERTY OWNER: ERIC C. FUTTERER. To determine consistency with condition of approval for ZON03-00010. Located at 135 N. Yale Ave. (JE)

Senior Planner Eastman provided the staff report. He pointed out there is a new case (ZON05-00118) for this project. He told the Committee that they were to review the change of roof material to see if it was consistent with the decision that was made for the second unit, or it is an issue that needs to be of public discussion.

Staff feels this project is consistent in terms of the intent of the quality design and character of that area and consistency with the development on the property. The primary concern at the time was adding more weight to the top of the building.

Committee Member Hoban asked if the architecture was the original one of the existing building. Senior Planner Eastman said yes. The only change has been that some support posts were added at the corner. Eastman confirmed Hoban's inquiry that the building was constructed without eaves, and that the approved second unit is the same.

Committee Member Duncan asked if the slate overlapping was a consistent detail with this type of slate roofing? Senior Planner Eastman said, due to current code and water intrusion, this method is normal, although a more "flush" ridge could by created by adding a galvanized strip along the ridge and then run the slate up to the galvanized piece.

Chairman Daybell asked about the historic nature of the building, and asked Mr. Dalton about painting building in the preservation areas. Mr. Dalton said there are no guidelines about painting in a preservation zone. Senior Planner Eastman said the only thing about paint in a preservation zone is that metallic or fluorescent colors aren't permitted.

Senior Planner Eastman stated the primary issue before the Committee at this time is the roof and use of the roof material. The question is whether the use of slate vs. a composite material would have been a significant discussion item when the project was previously heard, and whether the issue warrants public debate?

Chairman Daybell said he didn't think it would, in his opinion. Committee Member Duncan doesn't think it would have much of an impact.

Mr. Dalton stated he believes it is an infill lot and doesn't believe this house was built at the same time as the rest of the houses on that block were built. He said if the applicant was to improve on his home, he is all in favor of him doing so. Mr. Dalton said he doesn't think it will look bad if the applicant wants to put the slate roof on the back unit.

MOTION made by Committee Member Duncan, SECONDED by Committee Member Hoban to determine consistency with previous approval. Passed unanimously.


No public comments


MOTION made by Committee Member Duncan, SECONDED by Committee Member Hoban to allow the current chair to maintain his position as chairman and current vice-chairman fill in as needed for the next year until he decides to step down. Senior Planner Eastman stated this item must be placed on the agenda as an action item.

Chief Planner Rosen stated the City Council will meet on January 17 to appoint new Planning Commissioners and RDRC members that are up for election.




MOTION made by Committee Member Duncan to ADJOURN, SECONDED by Committee Member Hoban. Meeting adjourned at 6:30 P.M.