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RDRC Minutes November 7, 2002

RDRC Minutes November 7, 2002


The meeting was called to order at 4:12 p.m. by Vice-Chairman Johnson


COMMITTEE MEMBERS PRESENT: Chairman Coffman (late); Committee Members Blumer, Daybell, and Johnson
STAFF PRESENT: Program Planner Linnell; Chief Planner Rosen; Project Consultant Wolff


Minutes of the October 24th meeting was approved as written.

  • ITEM 1

    Project Consultant Wolff noted that the RDRC preliminarily reviewed this project on July 11 and August 22, 2002. The project is now scheduled for a Planning Commission public hearing on November 13, 2002, and staff is seeking a recommendation to take to the Planning Commission.

    Project Consultant Wolff said that the project is a reuse of the former Hunt Wesson/Con Agra site between Commonwealth Avenue and Valencia Drive, on both sides of Brookhurst Road. The project will be constructed in three phases. Phase one will consist of the remodel of an existing Research and Development Building for use as a school, and will include the addition of a gymnasium and entry atrium. This remodel will create a temporary sanctuary for use until the permanent sanctuary is completed. Phase 2 consists of demolition of a single story office building and construction of a new, two-story permanent sanctuary building in its place. Concurrently, a pedestrian over-crossing will be built connecting the parking lot on the west side of Brookhurst Road to the sanctuary. Phase 3 will include the final remodel of the school with removal of the temporary sanctuary. In each phase of construction the historic four-story Corporate Office Building will be used as is, for administrative office purposes.

    She said that the applicant has brought in detailed plans, elevations and material boards for Phase 1 construction only. Landscape plans for the overall site were very preliminary and conceptual in nature.

    Chairman Caufman was present at 4:20 p.m.

    David Choye, representing Grace Ministries International and Myung Chung, project architect, reviewed the changes incorporated in the Education Building since the last RDRC meeting. The elevations were basically the same as those reviewed previously, except that they introduced color into the design scheme. The primary materials used on the Education Building include glass, stucco, concrete and steel. The new arched atrium is shown to use glass, tinted a blue color to match the four story Corporate Office Building. The gymnasium addition will have a stucco surface, displaying the church dandelion seedpod logo discussed at the last RDRC meeting. The patterns will be conveyed with texture, relief and color. The existing building surfaces will generally retain the exposed concrete finish. Finally, the applicant is proposing to create a metaphor referencing four pillars discussed in the Bible with four structural pillars at the main building entryway. The pillars will be painted red, purple, blue and white as further referenced in the Bible.

    Mr. Choye said that the preliminary landscape plans provide minimal detail, showing tree removal and replacement only.

    Dave Zenger, 315 East Wilshire Avenue, noted the historic nature of the 4-story office building and the city's Hunt branch library building, which were designed by the same architect. He thought the grounds surrounding these two structures should be respected and asked that the fencing separating these two buildings be removed.

    The Committee expressed some concern with the size of trees proposed in the parking lot on the west side of Brookhurst Road; they may be too large for the planter area provided. However Committee members noted that the scale of plans was not conducive to a thorough review. The Committee was pleased that plans show retention of most of the existing site landscaping, and requested that if any of the trees had to be removed, they should be saved and utilized elsewhere on site. Mr. Choye noted that they intended to do so where possible.

    Committee members also commented about the existing fence along the east property line, between the GMI property and the adjacent city property (Hunt Branch Library). From a design standpoint, the preference of the Committee would be to remove the fence, though Members understand the underlying concerns with parking and security.

    Comments about the Education Building were generally favorable, with the Committee acknowledging the design as festive, creative and bold in its approach. The Committee cautioned that some of the colors might be too intense and that they should be tested and toned down if necessary.

    Motion by Johnson, seconded and CARRIED unanimously by Members present to RECOMMEND APPROVAL of Phase 1 Education Building, as submitted.

  • ITEM 2

    The Committee continued its review of site and architectural plans for a two-story, 7,225-sq.-ft. general office building on property at 1601 North Harbor Blvd. Program Planner Linnell said that the applicant has further revised the proposed set of plans to address the Committee's comments of the October 24th meeting. He said that building's location and size and form have not changed, but various architectural revisions have been made to enhance the Spanish or Mediterranean style of architecture, as suggested by the Committee. He asked the architect, Paul Kim, to describe these revisions.

    In attendance to discuss the proposal was Paul Kim, the architect for the prospective property owner. Mr. Kim explained the various revisions in the building's features, noting the following:

    • A 4 to12 pitch for the tile roofs of the building.
    • The storefront windows on the front elevation are recessed from the newly added stucco breaks.
    • The plane of the storefront fascia and the supporting columns vary to provide better depth and detailing.
    • The windows on the north and south sides are recessed at least 6 inches and have sill moldings.
    • The exterior walls have a smooth stucco or plaster finish; the ceramic tile has been eliminated.

    Chairman Coffman asked for comments from the Committee. The majority of the Members voiced support for the Development Project as now proposed, and all Members thought that the architect had worked hard to improve the design of the building. Some Members thought that the building would fit better visually with the hillside site if the profile of the building were changed so that the highest portion of the roof were in the back of the building. Members advised the architect to consider this type of change, but most did not want to make this suggestion a requirement for approving the Development Project.

    Chairman Coffman said that he would not vote the recommend approval of the proposal, because he thought the building should be designed to be more responsive to its hillside setting.

    Motion by Blumer, seconded and CARRIED by a vote of 3 to 1 (Caufman voting no) to RECOMMEND APPROVAL of the site and architectural plans for ZON02-00030 as proposed by the revised set of plans.

  • ITEM 3

    A request to consider site and architectural plans for a second dwelling on property at 218 North Yale Avenue were reviewed by the Committee. Associate Planner Eastman said that this item was placed on the Committee's November 7th agenda for review but that the submitted site and architectural plans need revisions to meet code requirements for the R-2P zone. The applicant is requesting that this item be continued until the second meeting in January 2003, so that appropriate changes may be made in consultation with his architect.

    Motion by Johnson, seconded, and CARRIED unanimously by Members present to CONTINUE consideration of Development Project ZON02-00044 until the January 23, 2003.


There being no further business, the meeting was adjourned at 5:25 p.m.