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Minutes March 14, 2002: Redevelopment Design Review Committee

March 14, 2002

The meeting was called to order at 4:05 P.M. by Vice-Chairman Johnson
Chairman Coffman (late); Committee Members Blumer, Daybell, Johnson and Silber
Program Planner Linnell
The minutes of the February 28th meeting was approved as written.


The Committee continued the review of site and architectural plans for a new 3-story, 5-unit apartment on property at 312-314 West Wilshire Avenue. Program Planner Linnell said that the applicant submitted a revised set of plans that address the comments from the Committee at the February 28th meeting. At that meeting, the Committee instructed Mr. Fischer to revise the elevations of the north and south sides of the building to provide more relief and articulation. He said that staff has reviewed the plans; given some minor modifications to meet the city's code requirements for coverage, staff believes the submitted plans are a good improvement and may be approved subject to the Committee's recommendations.

Alex and Marianna Fischer-Militaru, the applicant and property owners, were present to discuss the request. Mr. Fischer-Militaru described the revised set of plans. He noted that wood siding is being used for the exterior walls; that the front elevation shows a significant change from the previous design; and the back elevation features a roof eyebrow over the two balconies to give some needed relief. Mr. Fischer displayed a color and materials board, including the type of wood siding and composition roof being proposed for the development project.

Vice-Chairman Johnson opened the discussion to public comment.

In attendance was Elaine Wilkerson, the owner of the 5-unit apartment on the property to the west. Mrs. Wilkerson said that she was supportive of the project but she wanted to ensure that the wooden fence on her property would be protected. She requested that the new development be required to construct a block wall along its west property line as a way to protect her wooden fence.

Vice-Chairman Johnson closed the meeting to public comment and asked for comments from the Committee.

Program Planner Linnell said that the Committee needed to respond to the request by Mrs. Wilkerson as part of its review of the revised plans. He noted that staff requires that either a 6-foot high fence or block wall be placed along interior property lines if one does not already exist, but does not usually specify which type of barrier must be constructed.

Chairman Coffman arrived at 5:20 p.m.

In discussing the revisions at length with Mr. Fischer, Committee members were supportive of the submitted color and materials board, but they were not completely satisfied with the revised design of the north and south sides of the building. Committee Member Blumer displayed a marked-up set of plans showing proposed changes that he thought would improve the design of the building. The changes included making the primary windows more vertical in shape and proportion; reducing the deck areas on the front side of the building; revising the northwest and southwest corners of the front portion of the building to create a tower element; and recessing the balcony areas on the back side of the building to provide relief to the wall plane. Others of the Committee agreed that the changes being proposed by Member Blumer were in order to achieve an appropriate level of architectural design.

With regard to the fencing along the west property line, Members agreed that a block wall should not be a requirement for the development, but that some form of barrier was needed to protect the existing wood fence. The approval of the project would be subject to providing one of the following: the construction of a new 6-foot high wood fence on the subject property; the construction of a 3'-6" high solid grouted wall on the subject property; the construction of protective bollards or metal pipes along the property line; or the reconstruction of a common fence or wall with the adjacent property owner.

Mr. Fischer said he would study the changes proposed by Member Blumer and would submit a revised set of plans, accordingly. In lieu of continuing the review of the Development Project, Mr. Fischer requested that the project be approved subject to specific conditions as a way to avoid having to attend another meeting. The Committee agreed to course of action.

Motion by Blumer, seconded and CARRIED unanimously to APPROVE Development Project DP-01-10 as shown by the revised drawings reviewed on March 14, 2002, subject to the conditions outlined in the initial staff report and the following specifications:

  • The final building elevations will reflect the proposed changes as indicated by the marked-up plans from Committee Member Blumer.
  • The second floor balcony areas at the front of the building will be reduced so that they are no more than 8 feet in width.
  • The west property line will be improved with one of the following: a new 6-foot high wood fence on the subject property; a 3'-6" high solid grouted block wall on the subject property; the construction of protective bollards or metal pipes along the west property line; or the construction of a common fence or wall with the adjacent property owner.

Program Planner Linnell said that with this motion, the applicant would be able to submit a revised set of plans for review by staff and by the Committee at some future meeting. Building permits would not be issued for the Development Project until the Committee has seen the revised plans and given a finding that it substantially conforms to the changes proposed by the marked-up plans.


There being no further business, the meeting was adjourned at 5:00 P.M.

Bob Linnell, Program Planner
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