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Minutes February 7, 2002: Redevelopment Design Review Committee

Minutes February 7, 2002: Redevelopment Design Review Committee

February 7, 2002

The meeting was called to order at 4:20 P.M. by Vice-Chairman Johnson
Committee Members Blumer, Daybell, Johnson and Silber (late)
Chairman Coffman
Program Planner Linnell
The minutes of the January 24th meeting was approved as written.


The Committee reviewed site and architectural plans for a new 3-story, 5-unit apartment on property at 312-314 West Wilshire Avenue. Program Planner Linnell said that the applicant has submitted plans that take into account comments from the Committee in its preliminary review of the development on January 24th. The proposed plan will meet the city's standards for parking, open space and coverage. The new building would have an architecture style similar to the 3-story apartment to the east and the recent construction of Mr. Fischer's units at the northeast corner of Highland and Whiting Avenues. Staff believes that the focus of the Committee's review should be on the design of the north and south elevations, because they are the sides that the public will see with this development.

Alex and Marianna Fischer-Militaru, the applicant and property owners, were present to discuss the request. Mr. Fischer-Militaru said that the style of architecture is in response to the Committee's comments at the last meeting, but that he would prefer a Spanish style for the development. He showed pictures from a magazine to indicate what he had in mind. He said that the construction would be completed in phases, with the back of the property first developed, and in the second phase, the existing house at the front of the lot would be demolished for the construction of the last two units.

Vice-Chairman Johnson opened the discussion for public comments.

In attendance to comment on the request were the tenants of the two existing residences on the property owned by Mr. and Mrs. Fischer-Militaru as well as Elaine Wilkerson, the owner of the 5-unit apartment on the property to the west.

Mrs. Wilkerson said that she has seen the drawings, and she does not object to the proposed development. However, she thought the new construction should have a Spanish style of architecture, stating that this style is more in keeping with the past development of the city. She thought the submitted "board and batten" design for the new construction would present long-term maintenance problems, and she encouraged the Committee to allow Mr. Fischer-Militaru to design the building with a Spanish appearance, since that is what he would prefer to do.

Mr. Fischer-Militaru's tenants wanted to know when the new construction would start. Mr. Fischer-Militaru said that he would give notification well in advance of the construction, but that he does not know the exact time when he would develop the property. The tenants in the front house stated that they would want to move whenever Mr. Fischer-Militaru begins the construction at the back portion of the property.

Vice-Chairman Johnson closed the public hearing and asked for comments from the Committee.
Committee members were generally supportive of the development as proposed. Members indicated that the new construction could be designed with a Spanish architectural design, if Mr. Fischer-Militaru prefers that, but that a specific design would need to be reviewed by the Committee. The Committee indicated that an acceptable plan in a Spanish architecture may be more difficult to attain given the building's bulk and desired size (height and floor area) for the development. If the applicant wants to continue with the submitted plans, Committee members thought the front and back elevations should be refined in a manner that would give more depth or relief to the these facades. One suggestion was to find a way to wrap the roof eave around from the side wall. Members also had concerns with a phased development, but given the likelihood that the existing front tenant would move, the applicant indicated that the entire project would be constructed at one time. The Committee requested further study and refinements to the building elevations to address the "flat" faƇade; also Members asked the applicant to submit at the next meeting a color and materials board to ensure a coordinated treatment for the exterior appearance of the building. Motion by Silber, seconded and CARRIED unanimously by Members present to CONTINUE consideration of Development Project DP-01-10 until the next regularly scheduled meeting (February 28, 2002).
There being no further business, the meeting was adjourned at 5:15 P.M.
Bob Linnell, Program Planner