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Energy & Resource Management Committee Minutes

Energy & Resource Management Committee Minutes


Chairman McNelly called the meeting to order at 7:30 a.m.


Adamson, McCormack, McNelly, Mitchell, Roberts


Avera, Mathy, Twineham


Mark McGee, MG Disposal


Associate Planner Allen; Clerical Support Norton; Phyllis Garrova, City Treasurer


Minutes of April 19, 2006 were approved as amended





Old Business:

a. Update on City’s recycled product purchasing.

No discussion.Tabled to following meeting due to time.

b. Update on waterless urinals and water conservation.

No discussion.Tabled to following meeting due to time.

New Business:

a. Discussion with MG Disposal on solid waste disposal and recycling:

Green Waste -(1)Re-launch of program; (2) Removal of more green waste from the regular waste stream; 3) Green waste from commercial businesses.

Universal Waste -(1) Public Education; (2) Collection Opportunities.


Business Waste - (1) Opportunities for target programs for paper and glass.

Large Venues - (1) Briefing on requirements.

Phyllis Garrova stated that the Green Waste Program is still in effect.Every new resident is given a packet that includes information on the Green Waste Program, and it would only be a matter of re-educating the rest of the public on how to use their stickers. Mark McGee was very much in favor of re-launching the program.Chairman McNelly also was in support of the program and in re-educating the home owners and their gardeners who perform a lawn service.

Mark McGee said we do need to clarify what the City’s program is and why this program was chosen over others.In order to comply with AB-939, the City considered several kinds of programs.The Mixed-waste Stream Program was selected because of its overall effectiveness for commercial/industrial and residential.Chairman McNelly asked if the large bars such as Heroes have any type of bottle program.The answer to that question is no.

Committee Member Roberts inquired whether Cal State Fullerton is a part of the City’s program.Mark McGee stated that MG is the hauler, but because Cal State is a state facility they are under a separate contract, but the diversion rate is not affected.However, Cal State does have an on-site paper recycling program. The incentive to run the program is that it does generate a little revenue.

Associate Planner Allen said she was contacted by one of the downtown businesses about starting a bottle program, and wondered whether that would be feasible.Mark McGee replied the problems that would arise from having that type of a program would be lack of storage space; getting all of the employees to put the bottles in one container; and more frequent pick ups.In considering whether to start such a program you would need to balance the cost of more frequent pick ups with the time involved to make the program work.

Chairman McNelly questioned the best strategy that the City could use to make sure the 50% diversion requirement is being met. Does it make sense to target Green Waste or are there other areas? Is the program really working as it stands? Mark McGee spoke to the questions.Although the current program is working, it could be made better. The City can use Focus on Fullerton as a vehicle to re-launch not only the yard waste but universal waste and what is the appropriate container.

Can the City fund some of these programs through grants? Associate Planner Allen said that the City will also use the Green Pages to educate residents.It might be possible to use AB-939 money that comes back to the City.Chairman McNelly suggested that the City approach City Council about adding more money to the pot in order to fund some of these new programs.

Associate Planner Allen wondered if it would be feasible dollar-wise to allow the public to use plastic bags for green waste. Mark McGee said the separation process currently is not conducive to using plastic bags but stated that he would look into the cost benefit of adding the ability to use some type of bag in the green waste stream.

Associate Planner Allen asked if the City should target the commercial area such as florist shops and move them into the Green Waste stream. Phyllis Garrova said that commercial customers are billed separately and would not receive the program information unless that process was changed.

Associate Planner Allen talked about new requirements for waste at large venues or events.An example of a qualifying large event would be “A Night in Fullerton.”The current requirements are voluntary but could become more restrictive.We need to work with MG Disposal to identify the qualifying venues and events and the necessary requirements.

Committee Member Adamson mentioned a company located in northern California called Norcal that has a very successful food waste program.If the City could implement such a program it would get rid of a lot of the heavy waste, and may make a difference in our diversion rate.Mark McGee said at one time MG used a local processor but they have since gone out of business.Committee Member Adamson said he knows of a processor who is located in Los Angeles.Mark said he would look follow up on that lead.

Committee Member Roberts requested the numbers for the elementary school recycling program for Committee review.Chairman McNelly recommended that any downtown business that wishes to recycle bottles can become involved with the Bottles for Schools Program.There are 14 or so drop-off sites.Committee Member Mitchell spoke about “feel good programs.”That is part of education and any time people can be involved in any way even if it is putting a can in a container it makes a difference.

Mark McGee said the Compost Give-A-Way Program was very successful.Next year will be even better with double the number of people attending.MG Disposal distributed 22 tons of compost.

Chairman McNelly mentioned the County’s program that encourages cities to purchase organic products for landscaping, etc.The Orange County Sanitation Department will discuss that program at an upcoming ERMC meeting.He complimented Fullerton Hardware for doing a great service to the City by providing composting bins.

Phyllis Garrova said the City’s website is being updated and will be able to provide a link to more information on programs offered.




ADJOURNED AT:8:25 a.m.

The next ERMC meeting is scheduled for June 21, 2006


Beverly Norton, Clerical Support