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Energy & Resource Management Committee Minutes March 21, 2001

Energy & Resource Management Committee Minutes March 21, 2001


Chairman Hardwick called the meeting to order at 7:30 a.m.


Adamson, Burtner, Hardwick, Hoover, Mahaffey, McNelly, Mitchell, Murphy, Pendarvis, Roberts, Schmidt




Clerical Support Bond, Water System Manager Carlson, Revenue Manager Paul, and Associate Planner Viado


Cheri L. Carroll and Steve Nelson both of Southern California Edison.


Minutes of February 21, 2000, were APPROVED as written.


Chairman Hardwick introduced the newest committee member, Elaine Mitchell.


Chairman Hardwick introduced Steve Nelson, Region Manager of Southern California Edison (SCE). Mr. Nelson discussed SCE's involvement in the current power crisis, including supply and demand issues, and the financial crisis being experienced by the company. Unfortunately, the financial problems will be passed on to consumers in the form of rate increases. However, SCE has implemented various programs that are designed to help seniors and financially disadvantaged members of the community to afford the cost of increase. Mr. Nelson indicated further discussion of the financial assistance programs would be held later in the presentation.

Committee members asked Mr. Nelson various questions that related to the financial status of SCE. Mr. Nelson indicated SCE is a subsidiary of Edison International, which is involved in other activities besides electricity. The company supports a variety of community programs and also sponsors Edison Field in Anaheim. Further discussion about Edison's financial status indicated the company has taken some internal measures to bring energy costs down by a reduction in staff and not paying their shareholders' dividends. Edison's customers are shielded from the true cost of electricity and prices will eventually increase. New power plants are under construction in the Bakersfield area. Edison has asked the state to allow temporary price caps so customers will not feel the pulling force of increasing rates, to expedite building processes on power plants in the state, and for a stable framework.

Mr. Nelson introduced his colleague, Cheri Carroll, the City of Fullerton's Account Manager with Edison. Ms. Carroll briefly explained her capacity with SCE and distributed written materials. Conservation is a big factor at this point in time, and with that in mind, Ms. Carroll mentioned several projects that are available to assist in conserving energy. The LED Program is a project that the city has already adopted which involved changing the streetlights from Incandescent bulbs to LED, which is more energy efficient. The City is also working with SCE on energy consumption issues related to the city's water pumping stations. Water Systems Manager Carlson indicated the City does not want to restrict the hours of operation on its pumping stations, however staff is working with SCE on other ways to deal with the consumption issues. Ms. Carroll discussed other programs and recommended the committee tour Edison's C-Tech Learning Facility in Irwindale for further information. Committee members indicated their desire to tour the C-Tech facility, and Associate Planner Viado indicated she would work with Mr. Nelson and Ms. Carroll to make future arrangements.

Mr. Nelson recommended that the city Survey each of their facilities prior to summer to look for ways to conserve energy. Ms. Carroll also offered her services to conduct a conservation survey on any facility.


Associate Planner Viado recommended tabling the Used Oil Advertising Program to the next meeting in light of the time constraint. Committee members had no objections.


Chairman Hardwick requested that staff invite Maintenance Services Director Bob Savage to attend the next meeting to report on projects the city has currently implemented to conserve energy and to present other opportunities to the Committee for future recommendation to the City Council.


There being no further business, the meeting was adjourned. The next regularly scheduled meeting will be April 18, 2001.