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CDCC Minutes, March 10, 2003

CDCC Minutes, March 10, 2003

6:30 P.M.

Hunt Branch Library


Jo Ann Brannock, Ph.D.
Bob Elliott
Judy Givens
Kitty Jaramillo
Barbara Leon
Irene Sandy
John Strub


Denise Jensen-Purser
Barbara Brambrook


Linda R. Morad, Housing Programs Supervisor
Sylvia Chavez, Housing Assistant


Chairperson Brannock called the meeting to order at 6:35 p.m.

Roll Call


Chairperson Brannock noted a typo on page 6. The letter "a" is to be removed from the first sentence. MOTION was made, seconded and CARRIED by members present to approve the Minutes of February 24, 2003, as corrected.


Ms. Morad reported that two HUD representatives were in the City for a monitoring visit the week of February 24. They had a few minor corrections to the program that have or will be corrected. Their letter will be shared with the committee.

John Strub entered the room.

Although HUD did not review all of the proposed projects, they had recommendations on a few of the projects. Two of their main concerns were the Boys and Girls Club and the Marion Homes requests.

They did an onsite visit of the Boys and Girls Club (main branch). After seeing the number of children that utilize the facility and also seeing the building deficiencies, they felt that the agency offered a much needed and used service to the community. The requested improvements were critical to the safety of the children. They recommended that the committee/City address as many of the safety and code issues as possible.

A review of the Marion Homes' request reinforced staff's concerns regarding the use of the Section 811 funds. The HUD representatives agreed that the agency should have already had a defined project with a corresponding budget. The representatives recommended that Marion Homes complete their Section 811 project before local CDBG funds are allocated to them for additional work.

The committee was informed that the Olive Crest representative called approximately five days after her scheduled date to say that she was feeling better and wanted to know if the committee needed anything from her. The committee was given the opportunity to reschedule her presentation. They decided that they wanted to abide by their former policy. They felt that if they let this one agency come in at a later time, they would have to allow all agencies to change their scheduled dates and that would disrupt their process. The committee's policy is to deny funding to agencies that do not follow the process and allow them to go before the Council if they want to dispute the committee's decision.

Ms. Morad reported that HUD now has a 2003 budget. Fullerton's CDBG entitlement is $1,869,000 (an increase of $148,000) and the HOME allocation is $838,210 (an increase of 187,210). New income guidelines and census tracts information has recently been received and will be shared with the committee when the maps are prepared. Committee Member Strub asked if there was a way that HUD could call back the HOME funds. He was informed that the City had two years to commit the funds to a project and five years to expend them.

The committee reviewed the public service, administration, and capital improvements caps. A brief discussion was held on the proposed City projects.

Community Services

Tool Bank - $51,300

The committee questioned why the Tool Bank request increased by 25%.

Operation Clean-up - $106,750

Community Services prioritized their programs and decided that the operations of the community centers was a higher priority than the Social Service Transportation and the Volunteer Graffiti Programs. Therefore, they decided not to apply for those two programs this year.

Maintenance Services-Graffiti Removal - $27,980

Development Services

Code Enforcement - $223,220
HCD - $357,300
Rehab - $598,940

The requested amount increased because the revolving account funds have been depleted.

Section 108: The Section 108 Program allows the City to borrow up to five years of its annual entitlement up front. The interest is based on the current U.S. Treasuries rate plus 20% and may be paid back over a period of twenty years. If borrowed now, the rate was calculated at approximately 4.4%.

The funding will be used in the Richman Park area for infrastructure. Future CDBG funds will be allocated to the repayment of this loan and new capital improvement funds will not be requested during that time.


No public comments.


The meeting was adjourned at 7:35 p.m.