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CDCC Minutes, January 27, 2003

CDCC Minutes, January 27, 2003

6:30 P.M.

Fullerton Museum


Dr. Jo Ann Brannock
Bob Elliott
Judy Givens
Barbara Leon
Kitty Jaramillo
Denise Jensen-Purser
Irene Sandy
John Strub



Linda R. Morad, Housing Programs Supervisor
Terry Keasling, Recording Secretary


Chairperson Brannock called the meeting to order at 6:35 p.m.


Ms. Morad explained to the committee that there are normally nine members on this committee. A representative from the north area was recently appointed to both the CDCC and the Community Service's Committee. There were several conflicting dates between the two committees. So she chose to stay with the Community Services Committee.


MOTION was made, seconded and CARRIED by members present to approve the Minutes of April 8, 2002 and January 27, 2003 as written.


Committee Member Strub nominated Jo Ann Brannock to serve as chairperson for the second consecutive season. Committee Member Jensen-Purser offered her services as a Co-Chairperson. MOTION was made, seconded and CARRIED by members present to approve the newly elected officers.


Ms. Morad advised the committee the January 13th meeting was not completed due to an insufficient quorum; therefore, the contents for that meeting will be covered at this meeting. The remaining scheduled dates will stay as scheduled.


Ms. Morad advised that twenty-five non-profit applications have been received. At this time it is unknown what the HUD allocation is, but this committee will assume it is the same as last year, $1,721,000.00. If a final budget amount is not received by the last meeting (March 31, 2003), the committee would allocate what is assumed. All the allocations to the non-profit agencies will be contingent upon Federal approval. The agreements will not be signed until the City has been awarded its 2003 entitlement.

Ms. Morad reported that there may be an impact on the City of Fullerton programs due to Federal and state deficits. If the same amount is allocated the public service cap would be $258,000. Some City projects will also fall under this category. City requests are not included in the current information.


Ms. Morad advised the rules and regulations have not changed, Davis-Bacon would still apply and the lead-based paint regulation is now in effect. The HUD regulated 15% public service maximum and the Administration cap of 20% cannot be exceeded. City Council requires 40% annual entitlement to go to capital improvements.

HUD will be auditing the CDBG HOME programs at the end of February. Ms. Morad indicated that the committee has a copy of the most recent Action Plan and explained the contents. Also included in the packet was the narrative of the Consolidated Annual Performance Evaluation Report (CAPER) . This report is submitted to HUD at the end of the program year. Every five years a Consolidated Plan is provided, prioritizing the City's needs and goals to alleviate those needs.


Ms. Morad explained the Section 108 Program. By using this program the City could borrow a maximum of five times the current CDBG allocation ($8.6 million). The terms of the loan are negotiable and could be as long as twenty years. Future CDBG funds could be used to repay this loan and the interest on this loan. Approval to submit the Section 108 application would be necessary from the CDCC and the City Council.

Staff has been reviewing the improvements needed in the Richman Park area and would need approximately $7 million to upgrade the capital improvements (alleys, sidewalks, streets, etc.) The project has been discussed with HUD staff.

Committee Member Jensen-Purser asked if the City would apply for the loan before the committee voted to borrow the funds. MS. Morad advised that it would be treated like other CDBG funding. With public hearings and committee vote before the application was submitted.

Committee Member Jaramillo asked if this was a one-time thing. Ms. Morad advised that the loan would probably have to be paid back before additional funding could be requested.

Committee Member Strub asked if the rates would be locked in. Ms. Morad said that the City would have a choice to lock in the rate, or do a short-term variable rate. She stated that the City has not pursued Section 108 before because interest rates were high and other project funding was available. Committee Member Strub agreed that the low interest rates made sense to apply at this time.


The following agencies submitted applications for funding.

Boys and Girls Club of Fullerton - Main Branch Rehabilitation
Replacement of doors, stucco repair, additional electrical outlets, bathroom rehab.

Boys and Girls Club of Fullerton - Richman Branch Rehabilitation
To expand the learning center, install vinyl flooring, remodel front desk, and increase exterior lighting.

Boys and Girls Club of Fullerton - Swimming Pool
For swimming pool repairs.

Boys and Girls Club of Fullerton - Valencia Branch Salaries
To cover salary costs for the Valencia Park facility.

Civic Center Barrio - Let's R.A.P. Resident Awareness Program
To expand their current Resident Association Program.
This agency will submit a current budget (#19 on the application) because it is an existing program. Dollar amounts were revised (#22) to reflect a $500 reduction in CDBG support/overhead, totaling a $32,000 CDBG request.

Council on Aging - Linkages Case Management
To cover salaries and administration cost.
Item 16b should read 80 clients, not 248 clients.

Council on Aging - Long Term Care Ombudsman Service
To cover salaries and administration costs.
Item #22, should show as $18,000 CDBG request from the City not the $108,000 that reflects the county-wide CDBG requests.

Crittenton Services for Children & Families - Hope Counseling Center
To rehabilitate the Hope Counseling Center.

Fair Housing Council of Orange County
To reduce or eliminate discriminatory housing practices
Attachment A (proposed budget) was incorrect, a new copy was distributed.

Fullerton Interfaith Emergency Services - New Vista Life Skills Training Program
To continue operation of the training program
Waiting for a call regarding Interfaith Shelter Network (which has been included in this application for $5,000). The agency must decide to divide the $17,000 request between Interfaith Shelter Network and New Vista Life Skills Training Program, or leave it all in the Training Program.

Fullerton Interfaith Emergency Services - New Vista Renovation Project
To construct two new units at the New Vista Shelter
Item 11 should read "new project." The funding may not be available in time for this project.

Hart Community Homes, Inc. - General Store
For the operation of the General Store
This agency would like to use these funds for first/last month's rent, and utilities. This agency is in the process of moving in now. Ms. Morad advised the agency that the City could not reimburse the agency for expenditures/charges incurred before July 1, 2003.

Hart Community Homes, Inc. - General Store Rehabilitation
To rehabilitate the General Store
This work is already in progress, so this project will not qualify.

Ms. Morad advised the agency to submit a revised application for $10,000 for the administration portion based on 2003/04 finances. The agency revised the application, and is now asking for $35,000. It is now being called Life Skills Program, which is operating the market. This agency may not be assisting low-income customers.

Helping Our Mentally Ill Experience Success (HOMES) - Fullerton House
Re-carpet the home.

Marian Homes - Fullerton Renovation Project
To bring code items into compliance.
Total project costs did not add up on this application. This agency plans to convert a bedroom to a small bachelor studio type. The agency could not provide a breakdown to do the conversion at this time.

Meals on Wheels of Fullerton, Inc. - Meals on Wheels
To continue the home-delivered meal service.

Olive Crest - Refurbishment of the Virginia House
To rehabilitate the group home for girls in Anaheim.

Orange County Bar Foundation - Stop Short of Addiction
To operate a drug and alcohol intervention program.
Item #20 shows this agency needs $82,000 to operate, but only show $52,000 in funding (Item #21).

Orangethorpe United Methodist Church - Orangethorpe Learning Center
To continue the learning center.
The committee is not clear that the children being served are from low-income households.

Rebuilding Together - Year 2003 - 04 Rebuilding Project
To expand their housing rehabilitation grant program.
The agency combined administration and construction costs. If administration costs are used, this agency would fall under public service category, not housing.

Southern California College of Optometry
To continue an eye care program.
This agency did provide a current year's budget.

St. Jude Medical Center - Children's Mobile Health Clinic
To operate a mobile clinic.

Wavecrest - Abraham House
To operate the Abraham House.
Property has not be identified yet.

Women's Transitional Living Center - Emergency Shelter Program
To cover a portion of the administrative costs to operate the shelter.

Women's Transitional Living Center - Family Outreach
To cover a portion of the administrative costs of the walk-in center.

Ms. Morad advised the committee that information on the Brown Act and Commissioner's handbook will be available at each meeting.




The meeting was adjourned at 8:45 p.m.