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Can I park on the street overnight?

  • No street parking 2-5am
    • The Municipal Code prohibits parking any vehicle on any street or highway from 2-5 a.m. daily.
  • Parking under 72 hours
    • Vehicles left parked or standing on any highway, street or alley for more than 72 hours can be towed.
  • Parking Exemptions
    • A neighborhood may be exempted from the overnight parking requirement by the City Council if it is determined the area has inadequate off-street parking.
    • Information on how to request an overnight parking exemption may be obtained by calling the Office of Traffic Engineering at City Hall at 738-6857.
    • More info on Overnight Parking Exemptions
  • 3 hour residential street parking limit for vehicles exceeding 10,000 pounds
    • Large commercial vehicles having a gross weight in excess of 10,000 pounds may not park on residential streets for more than three hours, except when mechanically disabled, or when loading or unloading property - i.e., from moving vans.
  • Resident Only Parking Permits
    • A Resident Only Parking Permit does NOT grant the permit holder permission to park overnight on the street. Resident Only Parking Permits are valid from 7:00 am to 7:00pm.
    • More about Resident Only Parking Permits

Can I park on my lawn?

Parking any vehicle on lawns, sidewalks or in parkway areas is prohibited by the Municipal Code. This is also generally true of storing abandoned, wrecked, dismantled, unregistered or inoperative vehicles on either private or public property. Make a complaint about a vehicle parked on a lawn.

Can I park my recreational vehicle at my home?

Recreational vehicles may be parked in your driveway providing:

  • There is no direct vehicular access to either your side or rear yards
  • The RV does not protrude into the sidewalk or street
  • Such vehicles may NOT be occupied for living purposes
  • The number of vehicles allowed is limited to those owned by the occupant of the dwelling.

Additional Parking Information